Gwangju Biennale opening weekend.

  1. doug stuber says:

    I have a visde of the dance sequence of the professinal night, last Thursday at the Biennale…it’s the last bit of it actually, is there a way I cna post it here? Or you can go to doug stuber in facebook and look at the last video.

    Anyway, thanks to efforts like that of Sarah Epp and Victoria Heaton, the Gwangju Artist Collective sprung up, and is hanging on, but most creative people need time to paint or create, so meetings have been sparsely attended lately. There is a mural project going on at the Sung Bin Orphanage, and CJ has been trying to secure a space for an open microphone poetry reading. Also, Jo Park has started a performance group that is attempting to enliven the roof of First Alleyways/Underground Grocery so the nebulus of great things to come is out there, but we need ot be vigilant if we’re going to try to have peformance and creativity compete with straight alcohol consumption and debauchery, a very tough competitor.

  2. Maria Lisak says:

    Downtown gallery of Biennale. Some photos of the exhibit.
    [slideshow id=2666130979442418393&w=426&h=320]

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