Bubblewrap Baby

Bubblewrap Baby

Bubblewrap Baby

I love this piece, Brodno People, by the Pawel Althamer, Pawel Buchholz, Marion Leezczynski, Michal Miodeuzewski, Igor Smith, Julie Matea Peteiska, Daniel Hans, and Jedrzej Rogozinski. The bubble baby especially appeals. It reminds me so much of the overprotection that parents force upon their children, instead of letting them explore and regroup after their “experiments” of life.  Better to lock up the infant, the toddler, even the teenager, than let them play and perhaps get hurt in their territory of life.  The social commentary provided by wrapping a baby in a stroller in bubble wrap is brilliant. I can’t remember who explained where he got his sense of risk taking, but I do remember the story. Having dropped the milk when he got it out of the frig, it exploded all over the kitchen floor. Instead of his mother chastising him for the spillage, she set up a “lab” for him to do trial an error and find a way for him, a child, to get the milk and pour it successfully on his cereal.

Bubble wrap baby? No way. Beneath the bubble wrap I envision the curled, crippled hands which have already atrophied into apathy. Why explore when you can’t feel through the bubble wrap. The added layers also remind me of the obesity of children in the US and the social issue they are presenting to America. Insulated, protected from life, themselves, their feelings, won’t the bubble baby be pissed off when it realizes that it always had the capability to rip away the bubble wrap, tumble out of the stroller, bounce but not break, and finally to have the clear sighted awareness that the leash it has been on is not really there.


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