Mirror Mama

Bubblewrap Baby & Mirror Mama

Mirror Mama

From, Brodno People, by the Pawel Althamer, Pawel Buchholz, Marion Leezczynski, Michal Miodeuzewski, Igor Smith, Julie Matea Peteiska, Daniel Hans, and Jedrzej Rogozinski.

Pushing bubble baby is mirror mama. Another brilliant social critique as well as social connection amongst the more liberated cultures of childrearing. The face of the mama is a mirror. Whoever looks in it is the mother. I love the feminism of this interactive art. Allowing men to be nurturing, caretaking, that, to me, is the final frontier of feminism. Gone should be the days of gender division of roles for mother and father. And gone they are. Men as stay-at-home daddies. But I also see the acid criticism of the soccer mom persona. The mirror reflects what media, bullying, and peer pressure presses upon Mother, whether male or female.


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