Dance Performances

Dancecal – Beautiful Youth “Ceongchunbulpae(청춘불패)”
-period: 2010.11.25(Fri) ~ 2010.11.27(Sun)
-place: Bitgoul Cultural Center for citizens (빛고을 시민문화관)
The performance on 25th November will be free for the disabled and welfare organizations.

Park Junhee Dance Company
Free community dance lessons
2010. 11. 19(Fri): Stress relief through dance sports
2010. 12. 3(Fri): Developing creativity with hip-hop & b-boying
2010. 12. 4(Sat): Workshop with lectures
-Primarily for youth, university students, housewifes, and workers
-place: Bitgoul Cultural Center for Citizens (빛고을 시민문화관)
-Tel: +82-62-230-7421, 7422, 7921~5

2 Responses to “Dance Performances”
  1. dougstuber says:

    ON Sunday November 14 a very good performance by the Park Junhee High School dancers was performed at the Bitguel Performing Art Center. I wil write this up, and, though late, also sneak in a touch about the Gwangju Symphony Orchestra’s role backing the opera stars performance of La Boheme last week .

    The Drama/Dance/Movie/Slide Show/Singing performance this last Sunday was amazing, with great choreography, amazing talent on display, and a variety of styles perfoormed by 56 dancers and two dramtaist, dancers/singers. More soon,

  2. Maria Lisak says:

    Doug – thanks for the short review. There is so much local and visiting talent these days, even after the busy days of September and October with the Gwangju Biennale and other local festivals and events.

    Would love to hear more about the Gwangju Symphony Orchestra. How was their rendition of La Boheme? I love all the opera that has been happening in Gwangju, but really am unhappy with the lighting and sets. The lighting seems to be from inexperience, but the sets! Yikes. It’s been a mix of the abstract and the mundane that even for me, who loves juxtaposition, is left feeling flat.

    Do you know of any theater performance groups in Gwangju. Korean ones. Thanks.

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