Shakespeare in December

In December, the Shakespeare troupe, Jindallepinae (진달래피네) looks at the world through the four great tragedies by Shakespeare.
Location: Moonyejeongteo (문예정터) 529-11, Gyerim-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju

Othello: Your name is Othello
-Period: 2010.12.4(Sat) ~ 2010.12.5(Sun), two-performances
-Director: Kwon Hoseong
-Genre: Image play

 Macbeth: Metal Macbeth
-Period: 2010.12.11(Sat) ~ 2010.12.12(Sun), two-performances
-Director: Roh Junseong
-Genre: dance & martial arts performance

 King Lear: Rock musical ‘King Lear’
-period: 2010.12.18(Sat) ~ 2010.12.19(Sun), two-performances
-Director: Kim Gyunheong
-Genre: Rock musical

 Hamlet: To be or not to be (Hamlet)
-period: 2010.12.25(Sat) ~ 2010.12.26(Sun), two-performances


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