KUNSTHALLE HOSTS – BYO Night and GFN Indie Music Concert


BYO Night and

GFN Indie Music Concert

A different way to spend a Friday night was to head to the Kunsthalle for the BYO (Bring Your Own) night which held the GFN Indie Music Concert on December 10th. The idea was that KHG (Kunsthalle Gwangju) organized the DJs, paper cups and everything else was up to the participants. The two hooked-up for this event which had a great turn out and was an all round success.

We questioned Tom Bueschemann from Kunsthalle and Min Hee from GFN on projects and the night.



SDOD: What is your role within the Kunsthalle?
TOM: I am the director of Kunsthalle Gwangju.

SDOD: What did you do previous to Kunsthalle?
TOM: I am the co-founder of platoon.org. A project that started at the end of 1999.

SDOD: How long has Kunsthalle Gwangju project been running for?
TOM: Our contract is until 2014, when the ACC (Asian Culture Complex) will open.

SDOD: How is KHG affiliated with Kunsthalle Seoul?
TOM: We change artist and format’s from time to time. Like DJs or the idea of a night flea market for example and for sure we want to work for more interaction and networking between these two cities in the future.

SDOD: What has been your overall response to the project?
TOM: So far I can say that everybody likes it. The exhibitions, open talks, movie nights and the BYO party as well. The number of visitors is going higher and higher month by month.

SDOD: Do you feel there is a good sense of art community within Gwangju?
TOM: Yes, I do. There are a lot of interesting people in and around Gwangju and our task is for sure to bring them more on an international stage through our already existing network.

SDOD: Where did the idea for the BYO night come from?
TOM: Don’t know if it’s from Germany but I know it from my youth time. We had a lot of these BYO parties. It’s quite a cheap way to party and enjoy a nice family feeling.

SDOD: How many people did you expect?
TOM: I expected 200 guests but we had 400. So for me it was successful.

SDOD: Are you please with the reception from the public?
TOM: Of course I am. It was wonderful and a great atmosphere and my feedback from the night was only great. They all loved it.

SDOD: Overall how did you feel Friday night went?
TOM: I am totally happy with the first BYO. More than 400 visitors, everybody was happy and we had a nice first Gwangju BYO DJ night. I was always optimistic about that but it’s more than I expected and I hope this is just the kick-off.



SDOD: How did the idea come about?
MIN HEE: We had the same kind of concert last October in F1 circuit before starting the F1 circuit. So, there were a few people even though the concert was great. We were really sorry about that. That’s why we planned to have an Indie Music Concert again in Gwangju. We hope so many people to enjoy the concert.  Also, the bands are made up of expats who live in Korea. We think that having a concert with those kind of bands is pretty well fit for English radio station.

SDOD: How did the Kunsthalle get involved?
MIN HEE: While we were planning to have the concert, we heard the news Kunsthalle also was planning a DJ night for expats in Gwangju on the same day. We thought to have an event together would be wonderful, because expats can gather at the same time in the same place. So, we suggested Kunsthalle to have an event together and they gladly agreed.

SDOD: Who played?
MIN HEE: Seoul City Suicide, B.O.B, Used Cassette, and Betty Ass.

SDOD: Was there as many people as you expected?
MIN HEE: We expected about 100 to 150 people to come that night. I think there were more than 100 people.

SDOD: What is your overall response to the night?
MIN HEE: Fortunately, many people said they really enjoyed the concert.

SDOD: We did indeed. Hope to see more of those in the future.



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