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BACKGROUND- I’m currently working as an English teacher in Suncheon, but also see myself as a freelance photographer. I’m currently using a Canon 5D Mk II and I have a canon 350D as backup. My first SLR camera was bought when I was 15, my first DSLR camera when I was 28. I’m now 32.

I’ve taken photos for people’s weddings a few times in the past and  continue to contribute to various expat magazines in S.Korea. I’ve also been licensing images via Getty images for the last year. Any photography I do is fun for me, be it paid or unpaid. I usually go away at weekends and take photographs in towns/cities across Korea. As far as projects go the work I have done with crystal balls is still an ongoing work, I also did a project on the Seoul subway system last year ,collaborating with a group of other photographers to take one photo from every station on that system.

“Any photography I do is fun for me, be it paid or unpaid.”

INSPIRATION- I find inspiration for photography from just leaving my house and going for a walk, seeing what I can see. I also look at other people’s work on the social photo-sharing website called flickr.

I think one aspect is experience and building up a knowledge base of techniques ,so you can choose the best technique to best capture the scene in front of you and hopefully convey the atmosphere to the person who will eventually see that photo. Photography is often said to be the art of subtraction, it’s important to focus on the subject and then perhaps the story of that subject… after that other elements in the photograph are often best removed.

“Photography is often said to be the art of subtraction.”

I think a big influence on my photography has been the flickr website, this is a place you can see many outstanding images. I think as a result of this I’ve not picked up on anyone of the more famous photographers. I’ve always felt the danger of looking to a famous photographer is that you’re in danger of just emulating them as opposed to making your own style. That said, one of the first photographers I came across in my early days in Korea was Youngdoo Moon, a photographer who I think has a similar way of thinking as me when it comes to taking photos.

“You’re in danger of just emulating them as opposed to making your own style.”

PROJECTS- I had a small exhibition for 1 day at my school’s end of year festival, 23rd December at Maisan girls high school in Suncheon.

I have a permanent display in an art studio in Suncheon

I have pictures on display in San Antonios, the expat bar in Suncheon

I will be part of an exhibition in Seoul for the Seoul photo club in January.

DETAILS OF FAVORITE PHOTOS- I have rather to many to narrow it down, so I’ll talk about just a few I think.


Outside influence can maintain inner equilibrium” – This shot has a nice minimalistic feel to it and the nice blue pastel tones gives this shot a calming quality. The focus of course is the crystal ball and this is one of the first I took using this technique. The elements in this photo are the calming blue, the globe and it’s even horizon line, with the hand providing the outside influence. I’ve been able to use this technique with the ball to great success and last year I had exhibitions and features in newspapers as a result of this style.


“The ajuma” – This shot is one of those instinctive shots I’m able to get, a lot of my photos are instinctive. I was some distance back from the lady and without the time to get closer I had to use a long focal length for this one. What has really made this shot work are the combined effects of the backlight and the steam coming off the oven. The backlight has allowed the women to be silhouetted, which adds to the atmosphere in this shot. The shot works because here we have the subject and her story without other distractions in the frame.


“The calm in the storm” – This is an older photo for me now, but still one I like a lot. I’ve always loved doing night time long exposures and this is one of my first good ones. The key to this shot though wasn’t the moving traffic but the one stationary car. The dynamic traffic moving around the stationary car made me think of the eye of a hurricane, so this is where the title for this photo comes from. The photo also made me think of modern life and how many people are in such a rush and have so little time to stop and enjoy what’s around them.


“Green tea farmers” – This photo is all about the lines, and of course the sprinkling of farmers in the field. I’d woken up at maybe 4am that morning in an attempt to see the sunrise combined with morning mist. The result I got was sunrise and no mist, however because I was awake I saw these farmers in the field some distance from where I was. I needed to get down a path as quickly as a I could so I could get close enough to the field to properly frame the photo. I think I had to walk about 10 minutes before I got to the spot where I took this photo from. This photo for me is a good example of the early bird catching the worm.

The color photo titled “What are we all destined for?” (first above) was taken as part of the metro project in Seoul, and tells much of what I wanted to express with this project. I’ve always loved taking urban photographs with a dynamic edge so this photo ticks that box nicely. I wanted to create a sense of motion with this photo, so I’ve used a zoom burst to do this. The composition is fairly simple as the lines that lead down the centre of a subway carriage lend naturally to this kind of composition. The use of a zoom burst also needs a central focus point and this is provided by the end of the carriage. The title came to me because when we get on a train it is a one way journey without the possibility to deviate, so it made me wonder how much our lives are really just one way journeys like this.

Phone: 010 25813008

Thank you Simon. Scroll down to see more of his work.


2 Responses to “PROFILE – Simon Bond, Photographer”
  1. Mark Eaton says:

    Nice work, Simon.

  2. vira anyndraishanie says:

    Woow, cool!! Nice work, Simon 😀

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