Calendar for Second Week of January

The Gwangju Art and Culture Council has come out with their monthly art guide, but their monthly pamphlet is not available. Could it be because Gwangju’s art scene is hiberating? Gestating for a fabulous Spring? Can’t wait to find out!

On the cover of Gwangju Art Guide is the exhibit at GAM for “Landscape of Mind of Vietnam.” Inside boasts some things to check out.

  • Daein Market’s TongTong exhibit starts on Jan 12 and runs until Feb 28. Looks messy and fun.
  • Boring Day, an exhibit by Lim NamJin at GAM Geumnamro’s location.
  • Maps of galleries all around the city. Lists exhibit details.
  • Shinsaegae Gallery has some mixed media and installation art coming up from Jan 27-Feb 7.
  • Gwangju National Gallery is displaying some stupas and buddhas from Unjusa  (11.30 -1.30) as well as some colorful interpretations of Buddhist and Korean traditional art.
  • For other goings on about town: Second Week of January

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