Circuses. Have you even seen a circus in Korea? I think circuses are kinda passé and creepy. But then I think of the community of misfits that find power in being together and doing what they love and my heart opens up to them. Now granted clowns scare me, and I am a little unnerved about the treatment of wild animals for circus entertainment, but I’ve met clowns without their make up on and they don’t seem so scary. And the animals are family members, not pets or indentured servants. Or so I am told. But how about circuses in Korea? I saw one in 1999 in Seoul, actually Kwanakgu. It was a big top with lots going on, and a fun time. In 2008 or 2009 here in Cheomdan a small Chinese city was erected that had a circus as part of the vibe. Also in 2009 there was Cirque Nut, a circus rendition of the ballet, The Nutcracker. And from meeting some British teachers from Pyongyang a few years ago, I heard about the acrobats in North Korean circuses. Here’s a video of some Korean acrobats as we wait for a circus to roll into Gwangju.


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