Song Sun (1493-1582)

Jeolla scholar, Song Sun (1493-1582), considered the godfather of Honam classical literature built the Myeongang jeong Pavilion in Jewol village in Damyang. This is just outside of Gwangju and a great arbor to check out along with the gardens of Soswaewon. Song Sun lived until 90, no small feat for that era. He is noted for his gentleness and a successful 50 year career as a government official. Song Sun formed the Myeongang Arbor Poets’ Circle. His contemporaries included Songgang, Go Gyeongmyeong, Gi Daeseung, and Im Je as well as Yang Sanbo who formed Soswaewon Gargens.  This time period marks the creation of Gasa poetry which celebrates the country scholar’s life.

Thanks to:
A New Journey into the Jeolla Region, Literary Map of Jeolla by Kim Choon Sup, p102. ISBN 978-89-7598-678-9 CNU Press.


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