Still Life Photography

One of the most fun things I did last year during GIC’s My Life in Gwangju was to reconnect with still life photography. While my efforts are very rough they have become my best “memories” of Korea. I have shots of my breakfast table, a small Korean wooden table that I place upon my yeo after I meditate. In Kunsan, I dropped my bag one day. I looked down and though, ‘how pretty’, and rearranged a few things and took some shots. I am reminded still of still-life, when I look at the realistic paintings of Lim NamJin and the composition of modern life with Korean flare in the “Boring Day” exhibition now showing at GAM’s Geumnamno Gallery.

I wanted to share a really cool article about Korean photographers in the Santa Barbara Independent. While the photographers’ images weren’t available, I really liked the article, and how they gathered the pieces which celebrated Korean photographers.

I also want to encourage everyone to do a daily snapshot of their life for a week. Do a still life of food, life items, what’s in your bag or pocket, and share these here on GIC Journal’s Social Discourse of Disquiet. Contact us ( if you want to share once, or be a regular contributor.

Lastly on the still life note, GIC invites you to take still-life photographs to replace existing generic photos and graphics on Gwangju Guidebook. GIC would like to replace all images with work from people living and working in Gwangju. While this is a volunteer contribution by you, your name and contact information (website, whatever) will appear in the credit for the pictures. Contact GIC at to participate.


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