Calendar for Last Week of January

Ooh! Things are finally picking up. All the culture centers around town have reopened. While many events are kindergarten performances from hagwons, there are a few performances of note this week.

There is a gayageum conference on the 26th. I have no idea what a gayageum conference holds, but since it’s at USquare’s Keumho Art Hall, it bounds to be a great place to meet people, find a classically trained gayageum teacher, and hear some sad strings sing.

On the 28th at the Unamdong Gwangju Art and Culture Center is a recital by the Gwangju Symphony: Wagner. I think quite appropriate to tear asunder cold, quiet January moods.

The very popular BYO DJ is on for this Friday at Kunsthalle. Bring your tunes and get ready to dance as freaky as the art exhibit on display. Doors open at 8pm.

GIC has a traditional Korean candy making tour on the 25th. You’ll be going to Damyang (a delightful place) and making candy molds of flowers and traditional motifs with herb powders and honey. Boring taste, but beautiful to look at.

Also this Saturday at 3pm, GIC hosts Raines Taylor. He will give a presentation on opera.

This Thursday go to the Shinsaegae Gallery for their new exhibit opening on mixed media.

Check our more items on the Gwangju Calendar.


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