Criticizing the Critics

When it comes to art, everyone has their own opinion. With the overwhelming amount of information available on the web, how do we find things that resonate for us? How do things that are really shaping our world find us? While the web has allowed everyone to not only make but also share their art more easily than ever before, how do we connect with the “good’ stuff? Critics emerge but how are we evaluating the evaluator?

I hope that monthly we can gather a list of some of the best critics on Korean art and share them with each other, so we can then discuss whether these critiques have merit or should influence as strongly as they do. Please send in your favorite people, critics, lists on the following genres of art: Hallyu music critics, Korean literature critics, Festival critics, Exhibition critics, Traditional Korean Arts critics, Voice critics, Instrument critics, Poetry critics, Painting critics, Sculpture critics, Hallyu Movie critics, 20th Century Art critics, 21st Century Art critics . . . . and any critic about Korean art that shapes your view of the Korean art scene.

I’d like to share a podcast with you that I think is a very relevant discussion on criticism. It talks about literary criticism, but I think its lesson can be extended to all art criticism.

Dec. 31, 2010 (Click on the date to listen to the MP3 file)
This week: Sam Anderson, Adam Kirsch and Katie Roiphe discuss the art and importance of literary criticism; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is the host.


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