This week, a topic that has been occurring amongst friends is going home. Back in my home country of England, “Youth unemployment has hit a record high, fanning fears that Britain’s young people could become a “lost generation” who cannot find work despite the recession ending a year ago”, said the Guardian newspaper last week. As my contract here in South Korea is coming to an end, the idea of finding a job for when I land in the UK again, is becoming very disheartening.

The more I search for jobs online and view all the requirements the more I can’t help but think, “How many other people my age, with similar backgrounds and interests are searching for the same types of jobs as me?” Probably loads, is my answer. So the idea of venturing back to a country, still seemingly affected by the recession, cuts and a general dislike towards the government, makes living here all the more idealistic.

I often find myself having a love affair with South Korea, thinking of how easy it is to have masses of affordable adventures, go out to eat delicious food and drink merrily and cheaply with friends. The cost of living here in comparison to the UK is significantly better for someone such as myself, who has been living on a very strict student budget for the last five years. Of course things can always be worse, but the quality of life here is so enriched, it makes going back to the ‘real world’ of unemployment and eating in less appealing. Maybe I should stay a little longer.

2 Responses to “Discourse”
  1. Mark Eaton says:

    America, too, claims the recession has ended; however, there isn’t much evidence to support the claim. So many thousands of my colleagues in education still don’t have teaching jobs. I’ll be staying here for a long while, I believe.

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