Sunday with the Arts 5

A weekly show of events, interviews, exploration, and discussion.

Reviews of events
It was a light week for art. Checked out GIC Talk on opera this week. It was a nice presentation; gave a good overview of opera, some samples, and a demo! Check GIC’s photos and video for highlights. (Pics and video soon on GIC Talk)

Independent Art Exploration in Gwangju
Things to do in Gwangju this week.

It’s Seolnal. Most museums will be closed. I suggest people watching at the department stores, watching traffic patterns on TV and hiking in the mountains. These activities will give you an anthropological yet cultural and artistic view of Korea as a live museum of natural history.

Social Discourse
Check out Selina’s take on Discourse this week.

Things that hit us in the solar plexus and how to dissipate the disquiet they evoked.

TV in taxis. How safe is it? Thundering through the streets of Gwangju last night I wondered if my driver was even paying attention to traffic or traffic signs. He was so engrossed in his little mini TV on his dashboard that I wondered if finally my ticket was up and I was gonna die.

Now I’ve had many a life threatening taxi experience, but I feel I have become pretty hardened to the break neck speeds and weaving in and out of traffic. But last night this guy got me from Chondae to Gwangjudae in 10minutes. I don’t think we stopped for any traffic lights. And I KNOW we didn’t stop at the 6 junction intersection in front of my university.

Personally, TVs, especially comedy shows, for example, where my taxi driver was throwing his head back and laughing (excuse me – eyes on the road!!) should not be allowed for safety reasons.

Yes, I gratefully kissed the ground outside my home when I got out of the taxi.


We would like to turn this post into a podcast with links. Would you like to get involved?
We are looking for links to reviews of the previous week’s events, live interviews with artists, organizers and participants, links for art things to do in Gwangju for the next week, as well as reflective questions and problems that we can invite the community to discuss online.


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