SuperColorSuper, this intriguing name is a Seoul-based promotion and booking organization with links in Daegu and Busan. They put together live music and art shows of the “most progressive and ecstatic artists”. Their aim is to push and build a more “sustainable creative scene” in Korea, adjoined with their series’ Super Sketch and Round Robin. Their gigs appear quite unlike the norm’ and aim to excite audiences and provoke certain experiences. They have brought names such as Caribou and Four Tet to South Korea and bring Liars to Seoul on February 11th and 12th. They would like to make a link with Gwangju, so get involved. We had a chat with the founder of SuperColorSuper, Sean Patrick Maylone.

SDOD: Can you give us an overall view of what SuperColorSuper is and its ambitions? How long has the project been running for?
SCS: We organize events and tours. Our local events are creatively themed or framed, and our international stuff is bringing in some of the biggest and best underground & indie bands. We are handling more visual arts and I might open a record label eventually or start an artists’ colony on a farmland. I want to do an exhibit of underwater transparent architecture in a swimming pool soon and other such dreamlike stuff. I made shows on my own before, but launched the name SuperColorSuper in June 2009 with the Nosaj Thing tour.

SDOD: Sounds great and all very dreamlike. Why an artist colony on a farmland of all places?
Seoul artists (and probably all cities) get too much exposure to urban scenery and hustle. They don’t see stars and such. Plus probably cheaper and you can play instruments loud if you have space between one spot and another.

SDOD: What do you do and what is your involvement within the project?
SCS: I’m the founder and head organizer. I know the most about all the cities and countries we work with and take the greatest share of planning what we do and how we do, and I’m guessing the greatest amount of whiteknuckle stress.

SDOD: Have you ever worked on anything like this before?
SCS: In California I did house shows and barn shows, which is where I got a taste for how to provoke certain experiences. I always control or influence shows my own band plays.

SDOD: What do you feel is benefited from provoking certain experiences?
SCS: That question I think comes down to whatever benefit comes from the effect of the Arts as a whole, which evoke or provoke thoughts, emotion, experiences. These can provide many things depending on the work or experience.

SDOD: Where did the idea stem from?
SCS: Just missing the normal ecstasy of an intense show, and noticing the lack here of all that infrastructure, despite awesome acts regularly playing on either side of us. I didn’t want to only complain about it.

SDOD: It states on your website that one of the purposes is of the project is ‘pushing to build a more exciting and sustainable creative scene in Korea’. How do you think this can be achieved by SuperColorSuper and others?
SCS: It’s all about creating infrastructure and a buzz around creative shows. There needs to be fans and energy around it to pay the bills and make it radical. There should be honest, smart labels and distributors, bands growing their sounds etc.

SDOD: What is your opinion about the current creative scene then? Do you think anything is lacking? If so, what and how do you think this can be improved?
SCS: So much is lacking. Stemming from cultural causes, artists are still finding their own faith to lead a pure artist life. There isn’t enough push towards being a record head or up-to-date with what’s happening in music. There should be an anti-hero image endorsing being an unemployed ‘loser’, people find strength in that thing. James Dean, Kerouac, Kurt Cobain, Hendrix… being a shriveled up, no-job, insane and awesome wreck instead of a salaryman.

SDOD: Can you give us a general description of what your events have been like?
SCS: There will be awesome live performances. We pick the best of local and foreign bands. We do a wide selection. We’ve done Caribou, a huge Hall with visuals and massive crowd, there could be a grindcore band on the floor. You will get stoked, and meet interesting other Koreans from the underground.

SDOD: Are Super Sketch and Round Robin a part of SuperColorSuper or adjoined? What are their purposes?
SCS: Super Sketch is one of the series we run. Round Robin is another. Round Robin makes an ecstatic means to present local bands, Super Sketch does so for visual artists, using classic school overhead projectors to do analog drawing or shadow performance. The Round Robin series has bands on the floor in a circle around the audience, like 4 drums sets, 14 amps making a ring, and the bands do a song at a time.
Another series we are building will use 5-7 video projectors sync’d up to project a 180-degree, panoramic video. Directors will film with a panoramic camera setup and bands will do live soundtrack or music for these. It’ll be like sitting in a moving room.

SDOD: A lot of what you have discussed appears to be using video installation, where did this idea come from?
SCS: Yo, for Super Sketch, it doesn’t use any video it uses class room projectors. Like a teacher uses with transparencies. The panoramic video show does use video though. The idea came from just wanting to see it myself. Maybe like being in a moving room or something.

SDOD: Who else is involved in SuperColorSuper and what is their involvement?
SCS: My partner Violet does a huge amount of the decision-making, organizing, art. She’s the other half of the control body. We have lots of artists doing stuff for us, local crews in Daegu, Busan, and we’re now trying to build some in Gwangju. There are some investors who are stoked on what we do and support it when we can’t do it ourselves.

SDOD: Can anyone get involved? If so, how?
SCS: Email our box. We try to find a place for everyone who wants to help. Bands who want to be famous needn’t write, but if you want to build a scene, do art, work as a bartender or host a band at your place it’d be rad to talk. The bands are amazing live and also interesting, fun people our staffers can meet. Also, it’s been deeply satisfying building this up. You could turn the Gwangju or Busan or Seoul experience on its head. There are opportunities for getting pay as well.

SDOD: What do you think SuperColorSuper could do for an area such as Gwangju?
SCS: We regularly try to do everything we do in Seoul in smaller cities too. It’s not impossible for bands we’ve done like Caribou, YACHT, CocoRosie, Do Make Say Think etc to play there, if people join up.

SDOD: Where can we look for more information on the project?

Thank you SuperColorSuper.


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