Women’s Choirs

Each of the districts of Gwangju as well as all of the universities with music programs have women’s choirs (not to mention all the churches in Gwangju). Their performances are not well publicized, but I do recommend that you look at your nearby university’s music auditorium or at the district culture centers. There are usually posters or banners put up a few days before the performance.

Occasionally you will see one of them perform at the larger theaters around town. If you see an advertisement, go. The acoustics are fabulous and you are usually given a very wide repetoir of music selections. I’ve heard Baroque chanting, Christmas carols (yet not at Christmas), musical hits, classical choir selections, as well as pop songs and children songs.

In December the Seogu Women’s Choir performed at the Bus Terminal. The Bus Terminal has Usquare’s Cultural Center. The Cultural Center has the movie theater (IMAX) as well as an art exhibition hall (currently showing the Junk Exhibit), and two performance halls – DongSan Hall and Keumho Art Hall. While no women’s choirs are performing this month, Spring will bring a fresh blossom of song. Check them out on Gwangju Calendar to inspire your day.


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