Community Performance Art

Sick to death. Where is our community’s art? We have a great space of community art happening at GIC Gallery and DaeIn Market. But where, oh where, is the street performance art? Two times I’ve been sucked into facebook groups for expat performance art – Jeollanamdo Theatre Group and The Gwangju Performance Project. But I’ve not seen anything happen.

I don’t have the background to lead a performance art group, else I would step up and do it. So I’m gonna whine about it instead. I wanna see live theater shows, stand up comedy, puppets, bb boy dancers on the street – not just at Migliore. Anything even, dear god I don’t believe I’m saying this – mimes on the street. Anything. A poetry slam. An impromptu meet up of life statues in front of the downtown post office. ANYTHING!

I am very grateful when I’ve witnessed Andrea and Trevor singing and playing their guitars on the street of Gwangju. Two months ago in Chondae I saw a little old man playing his guitar. Downtown I’ve seen a few people with traditional Korean instruments practicing while busking. But the police chase them away.

Instead what I would like to see is Gwangju city issue permits for people to play on the street and actually start a program to encourage people to get out and busk. Chungjangno and Art Street are great places. But so would be Chondae and Chodae back gate areas. And Sangmu. I dream of all those cool wide sidewalks, sans the garbage that accumulates, hosting mini concerts of people sharing their joy of their passion – music, magic, dance. I dream of street performance. Not staged, just people getting out and sharing a love of art.

Kunsthalle is doing great bringing people together on Fridays with flea markets, djs, and talks. GIC has provided Saturday talks. The Gwangju Artist Collective has its first meeting of 2011. Join and bring some performance art to the more traditional visual arts that have been nurtured by the Gwangju community art scene.

One Response to “Community Performance Art”
  1. koreamaria says:

    Freaking excited. Special thanks to Jo Park.

    DEATH COMES TO US ALL, MARY AGNES by Christopher Durang
    A community performance! Pick up your script (feb 7th) and let’s wail. We live this drama every day in Gwangju, why not let loose?
    One week of practice and then . . .
    2:00 PM Feb 12th, Saturday on the second floor of the First Alleyway Restaurant.
    Dramatic reading of the script is done line by line, regardless of gender, age or

    Qs? email Jo Park at

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