Sunday With the Arts 6

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Kunsthalle’s Third Show

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Independent Art Exploration in Gwangju
Things to do in Gwangju this week.

The weather has warmed and so has the art calendar.

Monday stop by First Alleyway Restaurant in downtown Gwangju and pick up your script for the dramatic reading of ‘Death Comes to Us All, Mary Agnes.’ Get involved in community art – join this first gig of Gwangju Performance Project.

Tuesday during the day check out Democracy, Human Rights and Gwangju exhibition, Yun Jae Woo Collection at GAM as well as GAM’s Children’s Gallery ‘Moving Pictures’ all which end on the 13th. That night go to Don Giovanni, an opera, at Gwangju Art and Culture Center’s Small Hall – only man won.

If you are in Gwangsangu, go to the Gwangsangu Cultural Center for a movie screening – ‘Don’t Cry, Tons’.

At the Bus Terminal? Go to Shinsaegae Gallery for the opening of ‘Flying Shits’ by Woon Hyoung Choi. Title says it all.

Wednesday hit the relatively new Bitgeoul Cultural Center (downtown near the river) as it hosts KBC National TOP10 Gayosyo!

Thursday– Bitgeoul Cultural Center again for Daein Market exhibit or mosey down to Art Street for a gallery opening at Mudeun Gallery. You could even catch a movie in between at the Gwangju Theater.

Friday – Kunsthalle exhibition opening: Showcase Exhibition Vol.3  ‘Slowly or Quickly’

Saturday at 2pm join the reading or just come and watch: ‘Death Comes to Us All, Mary Agnes’ at First Alleyway. After stop by GIC. GIC Gallery has its opening and talk for Andrew O’Donnell and Lee Seung-il in 1+1=. Starts at 3pm and is followed with the first 2011 meeting of Gwangju Artist Collective (at GIC).

Sunday could be a day of rest or you could do a subway art jaunt. Not only are there several murals and public sculptures in the subway stops, Nonsongdong Station hosts the Keith Haring exhbit, and you can still head out to the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center and hit the Trick Art interactive exhibit.

Social Discourse
Awesome news on Gwangju art – better promotion in Korean and English as well as more timely notice of events. GIC’s Gwangju News and art coordinator, Soeun Moon, are collaborating with the newly created Gwangju Art Foundation. Gone will be the little brochures (all in Korean) of day by day calendar of art events. Instead both Gwangju Art Guide and Gwangju News Magazine will post English and Korean versions of what’s on in Gwangju. Congratulations to the Gwangju Art and Culture Council on transforming into the Gwangju Art Foundation. This is a big step forward to supporting art in our city. Gwangju has historically been riddled with cliques of artists vying for the stage. I hope that GAF will support the wide range of art and artists in Gwangju and not just pander to who has the most prestige or money.

Things that hit us in the solar plexus and how to dissipate the disquiet they evoked.

I wonder if Egypt will help bring re-unification to Korea. Do you have your contingency plan for re-unification? I frequently get calls and emails from friends and family overseas worried about the news reports about North and South Korea. I think South Korea is a safer place to live on a daily basis than my hometown of Michigan City, Indiana – or, for that matter, any large city in America. After living here on and off for 15 years, I feel that the political and military dance that goes on is cleverly orchestrated. With the advent of Twitter and how it has shaped events in Egypt, how much longer can people in North Korea be ‘protected’ from outside images of the world? That is disquieting; will the average North Korean be accepting, disbelieving, angry, enraged? What will their response be? Will changes be like the Berlin Wall coming down – disarmingly peaceful? Or will North Korea hardliners and overzealous, pompous South Korean politicians flame reunification into a state of cruelty and destruction?


We would like to turn this post into a podcast with links. Would you like to get involved?
We are looking for links to reviews of the previous week’s events, live interviews with artists, organizers and participants, links for art things to do in Gwangju for the next week, as well as reflective questions and problems that we can invite the community to discuss online.

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