The Beauty of Water by Mark Eaton

South Korea is a mountainous peninsula on which the people of the land have established homes, villages, towns and cities near springs, streams, rivers and the ocean for life’s sustenance.  Even today the waters of Korea are harvested for all manner of food.  There is a beauty; natural, man made and a meshing of the two, that suggests a permanence, though it is sometimes fleeting due to the ever changing horizon of the modern Korea.

This is the first of a series of The Beauty of Water.


© 2010 Mark Eaton

Low Tide

© 2010 Mark Eaton

Farmer’s Transport

© 2010 Mark Eaton


© 2011 Mark Eaton


© 2010 Mark Eaton


© 2010 Mark Eaton

Note:  The women in the background are harvesting seafood.

Net I

© 2009 Mark Eaton


Fishmonger’s Boots

© 2009 Mark Eaton

Dried Fish at the Five Day Market

© 2009 Mark Eaton

Please contact me if interested in modeling and/or purchasing any of my work for private or public display.  I also do work by commission.

I am a member of the International Artists Community, which is based in Seoul, South Korea.  See some more of my work and the work of the other artists at IAC:  International Artists Community

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All photographs:  © Mark Eaton


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