Tae Kwon Mu 5 April 2011

OMD duet 3

OMD duet 4

OMD duet 5

OMD duet 6

Poetry reading from scroll

Pas de une 1

Pas de une deux

Pas De Une trois

Pas De Une quatre

Move Your Body

2 Responses to “Tae Kwon Mu 5 April 2011”
  1. dougstuber says:

    On Tuesday April 5 participants aged 6 to 76 showed off their “Tae Kwon Mu” at the Gwangju Performing Arts and Cultural Center’s main stage. The two-and-a-half hour event included everything from traditional dance, to Tae Kwon Do exercises that the audience gleefully participated in.

    Poetry from the early Chosun dynasty was read, and three folk singers not only played and sang well, but ended their set with “Country Road,” in English John Denver would have smiled at. Indeed the night was made more fantastic by a GFN radio plug the previous Sunday in which foreigners were asked to attend.

    Although the house was less than one quarter “full,” GFN’s spot worked as a foreigner did attend (moi). Sadly I was the only foreigner who attended, but thanks to GFN the spirit of Tae Kwon Mu, a mix of traditional martial arts and dance lives on via the blogosphere, an infinite universe, though, also sparsely visited on a per-blog basis, continues to expand, just like the big bang, out into infinity.

    If Carl Sagan were with us, I bet he could calculate the exact moment at which blog posts will exceed stars in number, or have they already?

    Ah but the dancing at this show was well worth the 20,000 won ticket price. Guests and family of the nearly 100 participants were happy to greet a Migook, so I hope they also find this blog, though my camera’s shutter speed (and its decent but not professional lens) made more of an “art photo” rendering of the event than a crisp journalistic one.

    Here’s to another night full of traditional art forms that were so well executed in Gwangju, the Hub City of Asian culture. Bravo!

  2. koreamaria says:

    Doug – love the photos and curse my schedule that weekday night events are not possible this spring. Thanks for sharing!

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