U.S. Politics 1980-2007

A small bit of history to see what influenced American Politics from 1980 to 2007.
The United States was founded on Genocide, made rich by Slavery, and continues to pursue human and natural resources worldwide in order to service $Trillions of dollars in debt, notably to China. This tendency, begun by Christian Europeans shortly after Christopher Columbus’ conquest of the “New World” continued the Christian tradition of creating war and enslaving foreigners that began during the “Crusades” against the peoples of the Middle East over 900 years ago.
In 1980 Ronald Reagan took office, and within an hour the 53 American hostages that were taken by either Syrian or Iranians were released. At that time, American Politics was evenly split between Democrats, who had fought for a better living for those who labor hardest for the least wages, had created the Environmental Protection Agency, had signed civil rights laws, and whose policies were continued by Republican Richard Nixon, who ended the Vietnam War, put on price and wage controls to fight inflation, and created over 50 new environmental laws that attempted to slow pollution being created by automobiles, energy producers, and industry, and Republicans, who openly worked for higher profits for big business, and that’s all.
Reagan, under direct orders from conservatives (meaning large corporations, the religiously duped, hard-working country dwellers who hate that anyone would get government help for not working, and white racists) kept the U.S. economy moving forward by helping corporations reduce labor costs, and spending more money than the government was taking in. This is called deficit spending, and it caused the United States to go from $1 Trillion to $3 Trillion in debt in eight short years.
Wars in Grenada, a defenseless Island country, and Nicaragua, and the continued “threat” of Communist Russia, allowed Reagan to insist on huge military spending increases. These military expenses were used to continue United States’ control in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Columbia, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. He also used his political power to create the “Stars Wars Defense System,” a system that not only wasted a lot of money, but was never going to work.
This continued massive spending caused Russia to keep spending money, and that, in effect, made it impossible for them to recover from World War II, as any extra money Russia had was spent trying to keep up with the US military spending. During this time, whenever President Reagan or Gorbachev faced problems at home, they met with each other, and distracted domestic issues via a series of summits.
Meanwhile, less and less legislation was passed that favored the working class, education, or any other important domestic issues, barring new roads. Reagan won re-

election with ease in 1984, and the Democrats that were able to win seats in Congress, had to bend more to the conservative side to do so.
Reagan continued his conservative ways when he signed legislation bailing out dozens of savings and loan banks mostly located in the American west. These savings and loans were a scam from the beginning. They were set up by land developers who then borrowed millions from their own banks, and then went “bankrupt,” and with existing laws, never paid the money back. The banks then went bankrupt, and the American taxpayers paid the banks back, thus letting the land developers off the hook for all the money they borrowed. Ah, but what happened to the land they bought?
Not surprisingly, NEW development companies were started up, and the homes were built, and massive profits were made, without ever having to pay back the original money that bought up the land. One of the largest banks in this scheme was Silverado Savings and Loan. Both Jeb and George Bush sat on the Board of this bank, yet, went on to become Governors (Jeb in Florida, and George in Texas) and, George is our current President. GW Bush was an executive in 13 failed multi-million dollar companies. Still, Republicans voted for him in 2000. “Big Media” squelched this.
Reagan was able to pass legislation that took money away from vocational training schools, education programs for poor children aged four and five years old, and tried to push health care for the poor onto the states’ budgets, rather than the federal budget. All these were ways to cut money for US citizens in favor of spending more money on defense. His answer to the US drug problem was “just say no.”
Worse yet, it was discovered that Oliver North and many others, were mixed up in a deal that sold arms to Iran, and took the profits to buy arms for the Contras in Nicaragua. At this point the U.S. Congress had voted to DISALLOW any more money for the Contras in Nicaragua in the Boland Amendment, because it was obvious that innocent people were being killed for no purpose other than to protect wealthy coffee and banana plantation owners (often American companies).
Many more Reagan appointees and CIA officials were about to be implicated in the Iran Contra affair, and, since Iran was an enemy of the United States, all who were involved should have seen jail time. The man who knew the details was CIA Director William J. Casey. Hours before he was to testify to congress, it was reported he was unable to speak. This inability to speak came from brain cancer he had never been diagnosed with. Before he could testify, he died, thus, Oliver North took all the blame for the Iran Contra scandal, and all others involved were pardoned and reinstated by President Reagan. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Casey)
Remember, the United States was funding and selling arms to Saddam Hussein in Iraq since 1983. He was strongly supported by GHW Bush, in Bush’s capacity as CIA chief, because Iraq was involved in a war with Iran that would end up killing 800,000 Iranians and 600,000 Iraqis. But isn’t it immoral to sell arms to BOTH sides of a war? Apparently Reagan’s objectives in Nicaragua trumped any concern for morality. Oliver North did jail time for his involvement in this, but later ran for US Senate, backed by ultra conservative religious leader Jerry Falwell, and almost won!
So one would think that the Republicans would have a hard time winning in 1988, after such disregard for national debt, and wasting so much tax money to fund their friends’ house-building schemes, and being involved in such dastardly wars around the globe; but no, they ran George Herbert Walker Bush, the former Head of the Central Intelligence Agency against Democrat Michael Dukakis, of Massachusetts, the same fairly liberal state, that John F. Kennedy was from. Dukakis ran a pitiful campaign. In one city, Norfolk, Virginia, where the US Navy Ships are manufactured, he spoke saying that he was going to cut military spending on ship-building.
Meanwhile, George HW Bush was running a campaign commercial on television that talked about Willie Horton, an African American who had been released from jail in Massachusetts while Dukakis was governor. Horton, who had been put in jail for murder, was released under state laws, and NOT under the direct supervision of Dukakis, but still, after he was released, he committed another murder. This advertising campaign was very effective. It swayed voters to believe that Dukakis was soft on crime, soft on defense, and would make a terrible President. Even though Dukakis had done an amazing job turning around the Massachusetts government’s debt problem, and created a surplus of tax money, he lost 49 states, only winning in Massachusetts. The race card scared voters, to the disgrace of the US Constitution.
This style of negative campaign advertising had always been in play in the United States, but had never been so effective.
George HW Bush had problems as President. On June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square, in China erupted after weeks of student protests, and many protesters, who were seeking democratic reforms, were killed. Not as many as in Gwangju in May of 1980, but certainly enough so that the United States should have put sanctions onto China. Uh, George HW Bush reacted by pleading with the US Congress to pass MOST FAVORED NATION TRADING STATUS for China, which it DID, and which has been made permanent. HUH? Why would we be helping to make rich a country that continually puts down Democracy? Answer: We always have. Better answer:
The number one importer from China to the United States is WILLIAM BUSH, Papa Bush’s brother. The Bush family could make better profits by bribing a dirty Chinese communist than by risking who the Chinese would vote into office. That simple.
GHW Bush then killed 3500+ Panamanians in order to arrest their President, Manuel Noriega. Noriega had been on the CIA payroll when Bush was had of the CIA, but it was determined that rather than just informing on cocaine dealers from Central and South America, Noriega was running drugs into the United States himself, and informing on enemies in order to make a bigger drug empire. Still, killing 3,500 innocent Panamanian citizens in order to capture (not kill) Noriega caused the Bush Administration a lot of embarrassment. At this time I was a reporter for the Roanoke Times and World News, in Virginia, just south of Washington DC. The Newsroom was abuzz, because the planes that were taking guns to Honduras and bringing back cocaine into the United States had been rented by Falwell Aviation. They were rented to none other than Frank Clinton, Bill Clinton’s brother. When Bill was nominated, in 1992, the FBI’s 300 investigations against Frank Clinton were halted immediately.
Well, this was a hot story, as Jerry Falwell, the owner of the planes, had for years raised money through his church that was handed directly over the CIA for its covert activities. Falwell also used this tax-free religious money to fund campaigns of Republican candidates. Noriega’s trial was set for Federal Court in Roanoke, Virginia, but amazingly, before any information implicating Jerry Falwell as the owner of the airplanes used to run guns south and cocaine north could come out, the trial was moved to Miami. The US Attorney in Virginia said that Noriega could not get a fair trial in Virginia. This was a lie in order to cover up Falwell’s involvement.
Bush, feeling some stress from his Panama blunder, but at least safe in the knowledge that Noriega was in jail, then sent Mary Gillespie, from the US Embassy in Baghdad, to tell Saddam Hussein that it was alright with the United States if he wanted to invade Kuwait, since he had suffered so many losses, and needed more oil to help refund his ailing economy in Iraq. Hussein took that bait, and his attacks on Kuwait were used as an excuse to liberate Kuwait, and incapacitate Saddam Hussein. The real issue was that Saddam Hussein was dumping oil on the world market, thus driving the price below the price that United States oil companies could make a profit.
The United Nations then stepped in and put sanctions onto Iraq, and allowed only a small amount of its oil to be sold in order to give Iraq humanitarian and medical supplies. The countries that profited from these oil sales were France, Russia and

India. They no longer profit form Iraqi oil, and US oil companies are presently sneaking oil out of Iraq, through Iran actually ( Scott Ritter, NY Times, July 2007). GW Bush has had to try to appease those countries since we attacked Iraq in 2003.
In Desert Storm, Papa Bush had a victory, and was headed for re-election, when the very well-spoken Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, burst onto the scene and upset the incumbent in 1992. Maybe Big Business didn’t like Papa Bush’s style, who knows.
It was impossible for GHW Bush to get legislation passed that would take away more money for domestic issues, like education and welfare, or for the idea of free trade to take hold, because Democrats stood against these proposals. Here is where Bill Clinton not only ruined the Democratic Party, but also managed to get these outrageous laws passed. Clinton had won the White House by literally stealing all the Republican ideas. Now, as a Democrat, he went to legislators, one-at-a-time, telling them why they should pass laws that would hurt the United States Workers, while providing huge profits for United States Companies. Of course, he claimed, that by moving jobs to Mexico, US workers would be better off. He knew he was lying, and this is NOT the traditional role of a Democrat. Democrats must take this stance to get nominated now.
With all the support of the Republicans, and enough Democrats swayed, the United States passed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which stopped all tariffs on goods from Mexico, and the flight of industry from the US to Mexico began. Very reliable Mexican labor could be had for $2.00 or $3.00 per hour, compared to $8.00 to $30.00 per hour wages in the United States. Highly polluting companies in California and Colorado, which could not meet local environmental laws moved first, followed by anyone else who wanted to make more profit from cheaper labor.
Clinton also got the congress to adopt the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (known as GATT 2) which subordinated US laws to the rules of free trade that were hammered out in the G-7 meetings. This means that if a country breaks the free trade rules, it can face enormous sanctions. These free trade rules apply to the developed world at the expense of the so-called third world. In other words, the United States is not allowed to support its farmers with subsidies if it hurts, say French farmers, but IS allowed to subsidize its farmers to the extent that it hurts African or South American farmers.
American Politics is thus involved in keeping poor countries poor, in order to gain their human and natural resources, and when a poor country becomes rich (see China) the US does what it can to make a profit from that, and/or lessen the country’s influence. Read any book by Noam Chomsky for further details.

Under Clinton, and all other Presidents since World War II, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have worked to ensure that poor countries remain poor, by offering their governments loans they can almost assuredly never pay back. I have been told that South Koreans beat this system by voluntarily offering personal money to help your government pay back such loans. Bravo.
After getting NAFTA and GATT 2 passed, Clinton then took away the safety nets that help US workers who have been “laid off.” So now, regardless of the number of children a woman has, and no matter how impossible it is for her to care for her children and work at the same time, she is allowed government assistance to raise her children for ONLY THREE YEARS. After that, the US Government cuts off the checks, and, well, the people can starve as far as the government is concerned. The bleak chances of finding adequate, affordable daycare in the United States are exacerbated by laws that make providing day care very expensive to do. All this creates a larger lower class that is willing to, or forced to, work for low wages.
So Clinton did his work for big business, and was granted an eight-year term in office. Before he was done, he would ALSO bomb Iraq (1998), never work to release the country from sanctions, and have at least one sexual affair that his wife ignored, stating that his love life “just shows how virile he is.” By staying attached to Bill, Hillary hurt her chances amongst the feminists in the United States, but helped her chances amongst the businessmen who have funded her campaign in 2008.
But so much has happened since GW Bush was elected in 2000. Most would say, that, in fact, he LOST the 2000 election. It came down to the state of Florida, and in Florida, the state LAW is that any election that is within 1.5% should have each and every vote recounted for accuracy. Well the Bush/Gore election totals in Florida were within 700 votes, which is a very small part of 1% of the votes, yet, with the POOR advice of Ramsey Clark (Clark was also part of Saddam Hussein’s defense team in Iraq until Hussein was executed) Mr. Al Gore asked Florida to ONLY recount seven of its 98 counties.
The Supreme Court had originally asked to NOT be involved (as it was against the law FOR them to be involved) but later jumped in when Mr. Bush sued Mr. Gore. Had the entire state’s votes been recounted, as the LAW PROVIDED, Mr. Gore would have won. This was confirmed by the Associated Press and Rolling Stone Magazine, who paid over $500,000 to have each vote recounted. By then, of course, the Supreme Court had voted, 5-4 that Bush was the winner. Thus, in the so-called
Democracy of the United States, the only nine votes that counted in the WHOLE COUNTRY in 2000, were the nine votes on the US Supreme Court: a court, which is now sadly even more stacked to the conservative side.
Anyone with a ten-year-old reading ability knows that Bush stole the 2000 election. Well, he stole it again in 2004, only this time in Ohio. How could a country free to vote in an election reelect George Bush? Well, partly it is because LESS than 55% of those eligible to vote DO vote. The poor and the young don’t vote in the extreme, while the rich and the old do vote, and tend to vote conservatively. It is also partly because in the US we have NEVER voted out a sitting president in the middle of a war. Or he lost, but “won” by stealing the vote in Ohio, as many scholars believe.
A lot of it also has to do with Carl Rove, the man who worked for Bush, and who sent out an eight-page letter to conservative and fundamentalist and Catholic churches in the United States, asking that the ministers and priests read the letter in their services. As per US law, the letter never actually said “vote for George Bush,” as this would break the Jeffersonian concept of separation of Church and State. But it did make it OBVIOUS who the church officials were voting for, and who they expected their parishioners to vote for. Thus, following in the tradition set up by Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, and many others, Bush was deemed to be the MORAL candidate in 2004, even though he was responsible for 500,000+ Iraqi civilian deaths by then, had created torture chambers all over the world, and lied in order to start the Iraq war in the first place. Big media made sure that US voters would ignore the photos of torture at Abu Graib.
President Bush done has ruined our reputation in almost all countries, he has continued the trend to get the US government deeper and deeper into debt, and he has added (by stealing them) to the powers of the Presidency, without the congress or the Supreme Court, stepping in to slow him down, except in one case: the Supreme Court, even though packed with conservatives, did tell him that his military tribunal system (which has NOT even started the trials of so many of the men held in Cuba) HAD to be changed in order to be constitutional. Well, Bush bounced this back to the congress and asked them to write a law he could sign or veto, and sure enough, they wrote a law he didn’t like, and sure enough, he vetoed it. Thus, the prisoners, many of whom have been held for over four years, still have no recourse in any court. Many have committed suicide, even if it goes against their Muslim beliefs. He has put into power incompetent cabinet members who are simply saying “yes” to whatever Bush and his father’s team dream up. He has effectively ended the United States’ experiment with
Democracy. And most of the Democrats have been right there voting with him the whole way. Will the next President surrender these powers? With both parties completely under the control of big money, honestly folks, when do you think we are going to leave Iraq, or any other area that has oil? It’s not just Iran that is in our sites, but Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela too.
Pat Robertson should have been arrested, tried and found guilty of treason for publicly calling for the execution of a foreign leader (he of course, famously said that Hugo Chavez should be assassinated). He has NOT been arrested in part because he is a conservative. How about Robert Novak and his editor and publisher? It DOES NOT MATTER who leaked the fact that Valerie Plame was in the CIA. Novak’s act of writing a story, and his editor’s and publisher’s act of PRINTING the story in a syndicated column that ran in over 60 newspapers are all acts of treason STRAIGHT UP, without having to know the source. All the editors should be in jail.
How about Judith Miller of the so-called “liberal” New York Times? She went to jail to PROTECT the Bush Administration official who leaked Plame’s name. Uh, she was PROTECTING the ADMINISTRATION she, as a journalist, was supposed to be watch-dogging. (God bring us back another Molly Ivins!)
How about the Security and Exchange Commission? Should not its leadership be in jail? They have withheld information about who short-sold (a bet that a stock will go down) $250 MILLION worth of United Airlines and $250 Million worth of American Airlines less than a week before 9-11-2001. Such a large bet (to me a half Billion dollars is a large bet) would surely not be made without some sense that you’d win the bet. In other words, whoever made this bet probably KNEW 9-11-2001 was going to happen, because it was those exact airlines that were hijacked. ALSO, it a US law that ANY stock purchase or sale this large MUST be disclosed to the public. STILL, this one NEVER has been disclosed. The New York Times tried but failed to get this information.
How about the hundreds of physics, architecture and engineering professors at Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Cal Tech, Northwestern, Chicago, Etc. who will tell you that never in the history of metallurgy has a fire caused the collapse of an entire building whose structure is made of the type of heavy steal girders and beams that made up the World Trade Center. Is it “surprising” then that a Bush family member was the head of security at the WTC on 9-11-2001? I have no idea about the truth of the 9-11-2001 attacks, but I do no that no credible evidence has EVER linked Osama Bin Laden to the attacks. If anyone here knows of such evidence, I’d be very interested in reading it.
Is it “surprising” that the Carlyle Group, of whom GHW Bush (Daddy Bush, or Papa Bush if you like) is the general partner (i.e. CEO) invests the Saudi money, and has for 30 years? Is it “surprising” that 15 of the 19 hijack attackers on 9-11-2001 were from Saudi Arabia, yet, for some reason we did NOT go to war against Saudi Arabia? How about Osama Bin Laden? Was he not our main man in the Mujahade’en offensives (defensives?) against Russia in Afghanistan? Is he not a member of the House of Saud. Is not his father a cousin of the “King” of Saudi Arabia? Indeed, Osama is a “Saudi Prince,” and President Bush, at least THREE TIMES has called off the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden because “a Saudi Prince is visiting him now, and we can’t risk killing a Saudi Prince.” Well PHLOOOOEY on that, Bin Laden himself is a Saudi Prince y’all. Will Bush finally capture Bin Laden just before the 2008 elections?
And, isn’t it true that UNOCAL, the oil pipeline specialists, has been wanting to circumvent Iraq and Iran to build a pipeline from Chechnyan oil reserves in the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan and Pakistan for OVER 30 years? That’s why Russia, no longer the USSR, still fights to preserve control over Chechnya, having given up on Ukraine, Georgia, etc. OIL. And, is not one of UNOCAL’S vice presidents the United States Special Envoy to Afghanistan now? And did not the US Congress step in to prevent the Chinese national oil company form buying UNOCAL until Chevron came up with the money to do so? Heck, this is nowhere near free trade, so the capitalists are always willing to break their own rules to keep control of oil, and other things.
Was it not 14 members of the same House of Saud that were staying at the Bush Crawford, Texas Ranch on 9-11-2001? It was. And, when, on 9-13-2001 they wanted to leave, and ALL AIR TRAFFIC IN THE US WAS SHUT DOWN except that allowed by Presidential order, a Presidential indeed showed up in Texas allowing the highest members of the House of Saud to depart, before being questioned by CIA, FBI, Police or transportation authorities about WHAT THEIR son/brother/cousin/nephew had been up to recently? Indeed, away they went. Read Craig Unger’s “House of Bush, House of Saud” to see just how long these oil families have been united. New World Order, y’all.
Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton would change any of this, ought to go back and realize that WJ “Bill” Clinton, dropped more bombs on Iraq in 1998, than Bush one and Bush two COMBINED during Desert Storm and Shock and Awe.
The only shocking and awful thing about this current administration and its torture, spying on US citizens without warrants, outing of CIA agents, hoisting a man (Alberto Gonzales) who wrote that torture is OK to ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE
UNTIED STATES, making illegal and immoral war against a country that in no way (Iraq’s Army was about 10,000 ONLY when we attacked) could have attacked the United States, and was already impoverished and dying of cancer from sanctions and nuclear-waste coated bombs from Desert Storm, detaining “enemy Combatants” without recourse to habeas corpus, defense attorneys, or the ability to gain evidence proving their innocence, yes, the only shocking thing about all of this, to me, is that THE MEDIA HAS NOT COVERED A SINGLE PROTEST AGAINST THIS, and the United States citizenry (see Germany during Hitler’s World War) has not protested louder, longer, and with more resolve.
It’s not my or any other working American’s fault that the Democrats kept voting Bush more money for this war. The legislators and rich businessmen who own them are to blame. It was a vote to cut off the money that ended the Vietnam War. Why has Nancy Pelosi and the other “democratic” leadership failed us so? Because the same big money that owns the Republicans, owns them.
Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are the two candidates in this race, out of 18, who are not owned by big money. Still, Kucinich remains in the congress, and is the only candidate who voted against the Iraq War EVERY TIME a vote came up. Big money may still own him though, and THAT’S why Kucinich may not be what he says he is, and THAT’s why the United States, since at least 1980 has slipped into fascism. Does anyone out there really think Kucinich or Gravel is going to be nominated? Can ANYONE forget John Kerry’s FIRST WORDS of his acceptance speech in (ahem) Boston!? I don’t. He said, to thunderous APPLAUSE, “My first act as president will be to put 40,000 more troops into Iraq.” Oh beauty, eh? Nice choice, eh?
Mussolini defined fascism as the perfect marriage between big business and government, to the mutual and exclusive benefit of big business and government. I’m willing to go with Benito’s definition. Since all US laborers were HAMMERED by Clinton with NAFTA, GATT 2 and then “Welfare Reform.” uh, is it not possible that my protests of the last 23 years have been correct? The protest is summarized thus: “The battle is not between communism and capitalism, but between capitalism and democracy.” That column first appeared in the Florida Alligator, in 1984. and similar columns and letters to editors have appeared in about 40 newspapers around the US ever since.
The 2008 elections show little chance for improvement. There are eight major Democrats running including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Christopher Dodd, Joseph Biden, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Of
these, only Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich have opposed the Iraq War from its beginning. There is a very good chance Hillary Clinton will be nominated, fail in her attempts to change the over-priced United States health care system, and continue to pursue wars in all oil-rich areas of the world.
Dennis Kucinich at least talks a good game. He’s certainly the highest ranking currently-seated Democrat that I like. Granted, Gravel was a Senator, but that was long ago. Mike Gravel, is in fact a better man than Kucinich. It was Mike Gravel who filibustered the Senate until they finally voted to end the Vietnam War. Americans should remember that when he talks. He also points out (in every single debate) that big money now owns the Democratic Party, not Labor, as was once briefly true in the 60s. I met with him in September 2006 to see about working on his campaign, but backed off, mostly due to my wife wanting me to not be stressed out about politics anymore. A wise suggestion on her part.
No Democratic or Republican candidate has a solution to the rising unemployment in the United States, or a way to bring back home the jobs that have left to go to Mexico, China, and many other countries since NAFTA and GATT 2 were passed. Cheap labor, and “globalization” have permanently eroded the American middle class, and although John Edwards says he is running to help the poorest of the working class, he has no plan that would bring jobs back to the United States.
Furthermore, no Democratic candidate is talking about the mistake that Bill Clinton made in promoting and signing the Welfare Reform Act of 1997. This means that the same people who worked with their hands to build products in former American industries, now have no safety net to protect them from long-lasting unemployment that is inevitable with the jobs moved overseas. One result of this is that there are now five times more African Americans that call themselves Muslims than there were in 2001.
Worst of all, no Democratic candidate has called for an international war crimes tribunal to try President Bush for the illegal, anti-Geneva convention acts his administration and army have pursued, including, torture, and the holding of prisoner “enemy combatants” that are clearly not enemy combatants. Democrats should also be calling for the impeachment of George Bush for the illegal spying on United States Citizens without warrants, the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, and for lying to the congress about Saddam Hussein trying to buy Yellow Cake Plutonium from Nigeria in order to have an excuse for war in Iraq. Evidence now shows that Bush and English Prime Minister Tony Blair knew this concoction was a lie, and met to talk about it over a month before the lie was told to the US congress and people.
For their part, the Republicans have 10 major candidates running, including: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Sam Brownbeck, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes, John McCain, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo.
At first, John McCain, the former Prisoner of War in Vietnam, and whose son is in the US Navy right now, was the front-runner, although not supported by many key “Country Club” Republicans, because of his independent spirit, and unwillingness to always go along with what big business wants. He has already faded, and the next seeming frontrunner was Mitt Romney, but Romney’s support of homosexual unions, and equal protection for homosexuals as spouses has hurt him among religious conservatives, who are vital to Republican candidates. Next up was Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, who spoke so well after the 9-11-2001 tragedy. Giuliani has had a famous divorce, and this is part of how Fred Thompson has started to rise among Republican Candidates.
Thompson was an actor, just like Ronald Reagan. He speaks well, was once elected to the US Senate from the state of Tennessee, a very conservative place. He has also worked as a Republican strategist in Washington, when not in the Senate. Most importantly, Thompson is favored by the Lincoln Group, an extremely wealthy club of Republicans that meets in southern California. This group managed to get Ronald Reagan elected to Governor of California, and then President, and recently raised many millions of dollars for the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the current Governor of California.
I believe Thompson will be nominated, and that will give the Republicans a very good chance to retain the White House. Carl Rove, the Republican strategist, and brilliant campaigner, has quit George Bush’s administration in order to concentrate on how to beat the Democrats in 2008, even though President Bush’s administration has done more to ruin the United States’ standing as a world power than any President in history.
How, then, could the Republicans even have a remote chance to win in 2008? Simple: they can influence who they run against. Already, very much money has been pumped into the Barack Obama campaign. Since he has only been in the US Senate four years, and has no international experience whatsoever, he would be easy to beat. He is also an African American, and no African American candidate has done very well in national elections. Racism still pervades the United States. Just look at poverty statistics, and how much less African Americans get paid than white Americans DOING THE SAME JOB, and you will see why Obama would lose badly, if nominated.
If Fred Thompson faces Hillary Clinton, that could be a much closer race, as many Democrats and independent voters look back on Bill Clinton’s administration as a positive one. Bill Clinton’s influence is part of Hillary’s appeal, as he could serve in her administration, perhaps as Secretary of State, or even as Vice President.
A Clinton victory, of course, would give two families (Bush and Clinton) control of the White House for a minimum of 24 years. It would also assure that a conservative world view continues in the White House.
Finally, neither party will be able to solve the problem of our national, credit card, mortgage, and corporate debt. This issue is why President Bush has eyed Iran as a war target. In March, 2006 Iran sold 30 million barrels of oil to China for EUROS. This was the first major oil trade made for anything but US dollars, and it signaled a new low for United States prestige and power. Could Bush start a war with Iran before the 2008 elections? Indeed he could. China gets almost 30% of its foreign oil supply from Iran. One way the United States could make sure that China does not simply purchase the United States, is to control the price and delivery of energy to China. This would assure that the United States could earn some of its dollars back, and keep China from gaining further leverage on the United States.
This war would also pretty much assure the Republicans of winning another four years in the White House, as the leading Democrats are a woman and an African American, both easily beaten if a war is still going on. Thus, Carl Rove’s Permanent Republican President dream could be realized by a Permanent War in the Middle East.
I’ll finally end this talk about Politics with a warning that concerns economics. American Politicians, try though they may, have no control over the value of the US dollar. In Mexico, the value of the Peso was cut almost in half within a week of the passing of NAFTA. It went from 5 to 9 Pesos to buy a dollar. That made Mexican labor so much CHEPAER than it already was for American industrialists to take advantage of. Politics was not involved directly in this, but it is no coincidence that the devaluation of the Mexican Peso happened so quickly after NAFTA passed.
Likewise, Fleet Bank and JP Morgan Bank managed to team up to PURCHASE the central bank of Argentina. Yes, they bought it form the Argentine government, in 2003. Argentina was the site of MANY bad loans those banks had made, and they wanted to get their money back out of there somehow. At the time, Argentina was undergoing an economic meltdown, and the value of the Argentine Peso was dropping rapidly. Thus, any loans made to Argentina would be paid back in Pesos so valueless that the banks would lose a lot of money, even if the loans were paid back.
So, after they bought the central bank of Argentina, they got their friends at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to put pressure on the Argentine government by saying that unless the government put into effect “austerity” measures, the IMF and World Bank would no longer lend them any money. These austerity measures meant that Argentina could not spend its way into a better economy the way Ronald Reagan had.
It also meant that Argentina’s economy worsened quicker. In the end, many cities faced 70% unemployment, and that’s when the currency traders went to work, and revalued the Peso at one-to-one with the US Dollar. With a peso so valuable, how could the US profit? Well, because the Argentine unemployed were willing to work for so little. President Bush then worked for the Free Trade of the Americas treaty.
In 2006 South Korea thought about changing its reserve money from dollars to Euros. The New York Stock Exchange dropped 600 points the day this was announced. Many phone calls and meetings were put together to stop the Korean Central Bank from changing its dollars into Euros. Korea, smartly realized that the American national debt would, at some point, make the Dollar worthless, or very less valuable than it is now. Thus, an orderly change from Dollars to Euros, while the dollar was still worth SOMETHING, made sense.
South Korea holds the fourth largest amount of dollars in the world. Only China, Saudi Arabia and Japan hold more. If South Korea sold its dollars to buy Euros, the dollar would go down and the Euro would go up. Well, South Korea may not have sold dollars and bought Euros, but the dollar is going down and the Euro is going up anyway. The price of gold has gone up from $280 to $685. This indicates that many investors don’t have faith in ANY currency.
If the United States were to print up dollars and pay off its debt to China, there would be so many dollars floating around, that the currency would have no value. Likewise, if oil starts trading in Euros rather than dollars, the dollar has no value, because everyone knows about our debt problem by now.
War is the reason the US is in such debt. If our economy fails, everyone else goes down with us. In order to prevent an economic meltdown I predict World War III.
World War III would be a political decision. The US is politically set up to accommodate this, should it be necessary to avert economic collapse. It would not be the first time the United States used foreign war to defeat economic problems at home.
These web sites will add useful reading: http://www.jimhightower.com http://www.chomsky.info http://www.michaelmoore.com http://www.howardzinn.org


reading choices:

“Lies, and the Lying Liars who Tell Them” Al Franken

“The People’s History of the United States,” Howard Zinn

“House of Bush, House of Saud” Craig Unger

ALL BOOKS BY Noam Chomsky, and folks, there are at least 25 of them, all small though.

All books by Ralph Nader.

Magazines: “Multinational Monitor” :”The Progressive” and “the New Yorker, especially when Seymour Hersch is reporting. His story about the Bush Administration
Eyeing a war in Iran in the October 8th issue is an eye-opener for those who haven’t
Heard all the stuff Bush has been saying about Iran recently.

4 Responses to “U.S. Politics 1980-2007”
  1. dougstuber says:

    Isn’t it hilarious that I said Obama would lose badly if nominated back in 2007? How could I predict that MCCain would pick Sarah Palin as a running mate!? One could have combed through Republican potential VPs and combed it again, and listed hundreds if not thousands of better-qualified Republicans.

    He knew the bailout was coming, so McCain didn’t want anything to do with winning so he picked the looniest kook available, and lost. Here’s the tragedy, her support of Tea Party Candidates gave her about an 80% winning track record in the midterm congressional elections. This means she may truly end up the Republican nominee (who ELSE would want it under these circumstances!?) and then, and this is the part that makes me liteterally run to the bathroom to vomit, SHE MIGHT WIN.

    I know the US Propaganda machine has been PROVEN effective when the Koch brothers can get regular workers and rednecks to vote against their OWN SELF INTEREST by the drove, but if Palin becomes President of the US, imagine the chagrin of 1) feminists 2) thinking people 3) anyone worried about nuclear war 4) oh God the list is so long. If Palin wins, I swear, she will be even a weaker puppet of the corporate extremists than Reagan was. Wait, WAY WEAKER.

    Can Obama win?


    Of course, I’ve said that before, but I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t run.

  2. Doug, you and the few Americans who know and accurately assess the sad tale of America, with its many opportunities to “straighten up and fly right,” in the words of a popular song of the WW II era, are already cognizant of aspects of the story. It’s called preaching to the converted. I’m sick of doing it. Our problem is how to get the mainstream means of communication to pay attention to the real story–and not just one 45 second nightly news screed. What is needed is a purging laxative, a cleansing and clearing of the blockages to functioning individual and national mind.

    Many around the word–more than in this country, I suspect–know the lies and propaganda Americans have been force-fed in the educational systems, print, audio and visual media. The problem is that too few are capable and willing to grasp what you know. Everything of “power” is corrupted. The internet has openings, but only the already alert find this and related outlets. Don’t forget the Palin-Koch FOX Noise types. The mainstream media, so called, sees only the sensational as they, too are ill-educated, and beholden to the masters of money-power. It’s name is SLAVERY.

    I say that only if and when the power of the purse is no longer valued will there be, even a possibility of re-direction. Evolution, not revolution–except as a matter of degree is operational..

    Only when enough oxen are strewn in the arena will there be awakening.

    Meanwhile, I hope someone (s) has/have avenues of productive change. I tried, as a teacher-professor for 30+ years, and continue online and in writing. Every effort seems to be merely screams into a bottomless pit with no echo.

  3. Good piece. And a shame I never had the space to publish this (or something similar?) in my magazine. But would you go a step further and say the government complex you are refering to has very little to do with ‘the U.S government’ or ‘the British Government’. It is a coalition of interests mostly run by financiers, the military and corporate industrialists who own the Federal Reserve, and the major banks of Europe (William Paterson’s founding of The Bank of England in 1694 etc), and they run their game like a well-oiled but barely visible machine (since they own most of the major media through their subsidiary organisations). Without going into details their ilk can be found (recently) in the families of Warburg, Morgan, Peabodys, Rothschild, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Bushs etc.

    Would you go as far as saying they have the technology to exacerbate the complications involved in earthquake territories/tectonic plate borders, that they manufacture financial panics, and manipulate currencies as a favourite method of social control. That they are party-less, prone to stratospheric arrogance and are currently floundering around the globe trying to raise the cash (Haiti? European Economic collapse?) to pay back all the money they stole from the people of Europe and the U.S, the money they now owe other nations, pre-eminently China?

    Now THAT would be a cool follow-up story…

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