Elections 2012, Let’s Hope the Mayan Calendar is Wrong!

It is my firm belief that totalitarian capitalism has abolished democracy in the US (see the 2000 election, and 2004) and that the interests of the most-rich people have caused the value of labor to go down world wide. Democracy took a hit to the face in Korea when someone turned the water-houses on anti-US Beef importation rally, thus killing 8 people.

This should have been a worldwide news story that should have led to the overthrow of government like we are seeing in Tunisia, Egypt and maybe Libya…but it did not, partly because Koreans have a long tradition of abiding by whatever their leaders ask of them. This along with the Korean law that states that even the TRUTH is not a defense in a libel case, means that if you are on the side of the sitting President, you can say whatever you want about his (or HER!) opposition, but if you slam the sitting president, like the KBS anchorman did, you will be fired the next day. He’s lucky, under Korean law he COULD have gone to jail, simply for uttering the truth.

Thus, as Plato said, without an educated society, democracy doesn’t work. The education system in Korea is very one-sided, and only expects students to spit back what they’ve been TOLD is correct. This leads to a type of democracy that never really addresses the issues of the farmers, the poor, the environment or how to raise the living standards of those who labor the hardest for, say Hyundai, and that would be the WORKERS on the FLOOR from the Philippines, NOT the managers in air conditioning typing at computers.

“The battle is not between Democracy and Communism, but between Democracy and Capitalism.” This is what I will say if allowed to speak at your forum.

Still, if we’re headed for a protracted downturn, mortgage-free real estate makes the ultimate hedge against true poverty. Could less-then ideal stock markets and hyperinflation of the dollar combine to assure poverty-for-all? It sure could.

Hyperinflation hit the German Mark in 1928, and a $1.00 loaf of bread cost $300,000 in no time. But were employers keeping up with the pace of inflation with their paychecks? In 1932 the same scenario hit China, except that the Yuan went from a bread price of $1.00 to $400,000!

At the rate the Federal Reserve (Obama has no control over Bernanke, thank God, right?) is printing money to throw at banks and the stock market, hyperinflation of the dollar is pretty much guaranteed. That would make a $2.5 million account rock solid for two weeks worth of food.

For obvious reasons, when looking at inflation, the US government excludes food and fuel. Both are skyrocketing in costs because oil prices are flying, due to the insecurity about the value of the US dollar. So oil will trade in Euros, and it is at or near that point that ALL sane investments other than houses, based on the US dollar should STOP.

The IMF ALREADY has a second world-reserve currency lined up and waiting so central banks can trade dollars for IT, and IT is called The “Bancor” what a tidy name. This is not a proposal but a reality. So the BANKS or world central BANKS who now have 67% of their reserve currency in US DOLLARS will be able to GET OUT in case the dollar implodes, or (more likely) explodes into hyperinflation.

It is only this fact, the reserve currency status of the US dollar, that has prevented our debt load from sinking us already. We’re at the precipice of a cliff, and still tap-dancing to boot.

Look at Japan for evidence of that happens when a central bank plays the 0% interest game for a long time.

But our creditors are about to be DEMANDING higher interest rates, since we spend 27% of the money we borrow to pay back the INTEREST on money we already owe. Up from 22% just two years ago! It’s untenable, infeasible, and we’re the laughing stock of the financial world, well, except to the extent that their economies will be dragged down with us, not the least of which South Korea whose economy is 70% dependent on exports. Ooops, soon the almighty American consumer won’t be able to afford shoes, no less cars.

The BANCOR is the magic wand here, but ONLY THE BANKS will be saved. All those holding dollars will be hammered. 1928 and 1932 led to major wars in the decades that followed. You can COUNT on a bigger-badder US war when this breaks out.

It does not MATTER who wins the next US Presidential election, whoever it is will be stuck with a massive pile of problems accumulated in the past and now incurable in the present.
Any number of scenarios can crop up to destroy a tenuous economy like our own: 1) rising interest rates, not caused by a prudent Fed. attempting to reign in inflation, but demanded by creditors. 2) Printing of money, which one would hope COULD stop any day now but won’t because 3) we need, apparently, to pump in $8 billion PER DAY from the Fed to Wall street to keep the market going up. Should Bernanke decide he’s sick of being beat up by the economists, and say, STOP this exercise 4) the US stock market crashes, not over a month or two, but, quicker than that 5) we print up enough money to pay off all our loans so we can stop having to borrow more money just to pay the interest on our loans. The problem here would be hyperinflation due to too many dollars in float, right? or 6) we declare bankruptcy as a federal government. (need I point out the myriad ripples this would cause?) 7) we attempt to bring back American jobs as Obama said he could do (who believed this pile of dog do, not even Obama I’m sure) by instituting Taft-Hartley style tariffs….ooops, didn’t work the first time, might fail again now 8) we put Americans back to work a la FDR with work camps like the CCC and other socialist cures that drive the Tea Party to civil war 9) World War III, but even this won’t work as the once-steady profits made by war are now being translated into GIANT government debt, so the war profiteers can only profit, while the taxpayers get slammed…thus weakening the US consumers, which account 65 or more percent of our economy, thus 10) if neither war, nor paying off the debt, nor going bankrupt, nor attempting to bring back jobs, nor having the government provide jobs, nor, God forbid, paying to restart things like vocational training for the poor who might one day make dandy factory workers (but where, Vietnam?) aren’t going to work:


Then by God we’re cooked. I’m no economist, but it appears that no matter which scenario comes to fruition, the United States of America is headed for a depression that will make the 1930s look like a walk in the park. I pray I am wrong, and if I am wrong, I want ANYONE receiving this email, or reading this BLOG


prove me wrong! Come on, show me how were going to get out of this mess THIS TIME!

Wait. I’ve got it, we can elect a man who knows an awful lot about getting into debt so big that the banks forgive a chunk of his debt in order to MAYBE get paid something back on the rest of his debt. Who is that? Ah, DONALD TRUMP. Just when you thought Sarah Palin was the oddest of psychotics ever to rise up the political ladder, here comes Donald Trump. NOW, uh, who leant him the money for his currently ridiculous run for the White House? Was it the Koch brothers and their Tea Party, having realized Sarah was a little to loose? Nah, they’re to smart for that.

If Obama is re-elected he will be the first-ever “day of election” lame duck. In his first election the trillion dollar bailouts of AIG, Goldman Sachs, and the new “owners” of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Countrywide, Merrill Lynch, and others assured he had no chance of implementing any of his election promises, especially the one about getting US troops out of the middle east. Indeed, he’s fully involved in Pakistan, and that costs money. He’s not much of a left-winger, much to the delight of the “prudent” right wingers. The bailouts happened between the first Tuesday in November and January 20th (thus technically under George W. Bush’s lame duckyness) gave Obama zero honeymoon, and his own southern democrat legislators surely prevented anything like his left-wing dreams from coming true.

Should he be re-elected (highly unlikely in a down economy, but I ask you, WHICH Republican wants to be left holding THIS BAG? I mean McCain didn’t want to win in 2008! Proof? Look at who his running mate was!

So as democracy yields to fascism (don’t forget, Mussolini’s definition of fascism was “big business and government working together to the exclusive benefit of only big business and government”) and fascism seeks the least expensive labor to the detriment of middle classes everywhere, economics is extremely important, and the battle between democracy and capitalism has never been clearer, even in the docile propaganda-filled brains of US citizens.

People are taking the streets, and luckily, not getting chopped up and mown down like they did in Gwangju, at least in most cases. I pray for those still fighting in Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Madison, Wisconsin, and anywhere else where human dignity and a living wage are under attack by those who already have enough for 100 generations to live on.
What can we learn from the May 18th uprising in Gwangju? That continuing to pressure the elite can cause change. What can we learn from what has happened since? That if we are not diligent in keeping up the fight, all our gains will be stolen. All our taxes will go to bail out the already-filthy-rich, and all our hopes will dry up as the rich dominate the workers, the environment crumbles, people continue to drive cars rather than hold town meetings, and the experiment with democracy, so eloquently thought-up by Plato, and begun in earnest by Thomas Jefferson and friends in the United States will be over, once and for all. It will be most interesting if someone like Kim Dae Jeong or Roh Moo Hyun can win election here in the Republic of Korea. One would think that recent achievements in the R.O.K could lead to a change of direction, but it is not guaranteed. And a re-election of Barack Obama is anything but a shoe-in due to the US economy.

Thus, with the world economy playing such a large part in the political arena, expect fascists to return to or retain power everywhere. Local meetings had better spring up soon, or else….

Corporate Suckered Us

Back when there was time, when one parent
Was always there to guide a child, schools were
Not blamed for bad behavior, partly because there
Was so much less of it. One job per house meant
Security, health insurance, a nest egg, and plenty for
Suzie to go to college on. Forget the bridge club now
Dearie, everybody works. Corporate has found a way
To thrive in the post-liberation era: reduce middle class
Pay to the point of nudging, nay forcing the Moms to work.
It’s not about reduced free time, it’s about no time left to
Even get to know our own children. Since profit is king,
The new world order is thus: No assistance if the Dad lives
With his child, No benefits to any temporary workers, No
Labor jobs that pay a living wage north of the Maquiladoras,
No wins for unions since 1980, No affordable day care
For working Moms, No federal money for states with less
Than seventy five percent of the welfare recipients working,
No job training money left after building bombs, No incentives
For employers to pay better, No company loyalty, No profit
Sharing plans, No safe pensions, No guaranteed retirement,
No Social Security, No public transportation in many
Towns, No decent schools for low-income neighborhoods,
No safeguards for the food we eat, No plan in place to
Save the environment, No cash to save the mental hospitals,
No handouts to the homeless veterans, and No jobs at all
For those who work with their hands. None, zero, zilch, zip!

April 1999

2 Responses to “Elections 2012, Let’s Hope the Mayan Calendar is Wrong!”
  1. Bryan says:

    I have been intrigued by the dizzying turmoil of world events; natural, financial, and societal, and created this video to explore both the causes and solutions.

    It is titled:
    ‘2012 Mayan Calendar – A Schedule to Enlightened Consciousness’ and is in two parts:

    Part 1:The Calendar Explained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd_hbRUgvDE
    Part 2: Intuition and the Heart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDhTmGWwrn4

  2. Lazarus Cain says:

    Thearticleabove hits me straight in the heart, and expresses the feelings of my daily depression.
    So often I feel hopelessness and despair, and by many measures I m one of the lucky ones compared to others.
    My memories are a testimony to the truth, although some would discount memories as simply hauntings from the past which need to be better controlled so as to not cause a scene.
    Yet the intense pain which, sorced those memories should not be ignored., lest we forget what caused the agony so as to avoid repeats.
    Yet the agony of it all only suggests the certainy of even more intense pain and sorrow in the future..
    We can easily see then that America has turned into a fascist state already, if we accept Mussolini’s definiton of fascism.
    Certainly Russai and Chian the prime targets of the fascist states of WWII are not likley to bow to fascist demasn in the war folllowing 2012.
    By coincidence, US fascists could then already be preparing the ground for the final conflic by refusing to properly adapt,,
    either way the poor bear the brunt of it all.
    We cling to the Savior as a matter of intense need to stay mentally competent as we in the face some of the worst trials the devil can come up with.
    We cling to the Promise of the savior to save us from the hell of despair brought upon the poor as victims of a system in need of amajor overhaul.

    Death will be a sweet relief from this misery incurred upon us by our oppressors and masters.
    They fear death becasue of the riches they lose.
    The poor can only imagine death as bringing the delivery of a heavenly rescue from the pain from the world andthe promise of relief and even a heavenly afterlife in comparison tot the suffering received while alive,

    The rich and powerful cannot fel and understand the plight of the poor. They really do not know, nor want to knw about the pain

    Your article decribes so well the reason for the crippling depression that plagues me daily.
    The mind under such stress has visions .
    Push the keys, push the keys. The living force with in me is quite clearly happy as I am delivered even more of these haunting memory sources.

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