Juknogwon Bamboo Forest Trail

Have you ever visited Damyang, a town near Gwangju? A sure thing? Then do you know what Damyang is famous for? Bamboo crafts? Exactly! Juknogwon Bamboo Forest Trail was recently made to promote tourism in Damyang. During New Year holiday of 2011 I visited there with my husband but gave up entering it because of too many people lining up. Today we decided to go there again!

Our visiting was worthwhile:not only we could breathe through the bamboo forest but also we could appreciate the newly constructed village of bamboo culture inside the Juknogwon. “Bamboo culture”, kasa culture, which was flourished literary genre in the 16th century. Kasa is the lyrical form where yangban class expressed their attachment to the beauties of nature. So-swae-won, Myeon-ang-jeong, Sik-yong-jeong, Myeong-ok-heon, Song-gang-jeong, and etc. have been built exactly as the same size and form of the original. How surprising!

It took about 1 hour and a half to look around Juk nok won. When we were hungry after the trail in nature and culture, there awaited a line of noodle restaurants across the small stream called Gwan-bang-cheon next to Juk nok won. Think of the outdoor luncheon under the willows in yellow green leaves, the noodle with Mak-gol-i! I almost understand why yangbans abandoned of careers in government and instead devoted themselves to composing poetry! When you are tired of hectic city life and want to relieve your stress from work, please ride a bus to Damyang! You will not regret!

2 Responses to “Juknogwon Bamboo Forest Trail”
  1. Mark says:

    This looks like an interesting place to visit.

  2. koreamaria says:

    Great day enjoying ancient literary Damyang!

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