Application for Eunam Museum (Curator: Lee Hye-seong)

This is a open call for artists to participate in an exhibition here in Gwangju. Hye-Seong Lee, an independent curator, is organizing the exhibition at Eunam Museum. She is still looking for painters or installation artists to be included in the exhibition. Here is her invitation with details.

Dear artists interested in an exhibition at Eunam Museum in August:
Here is a brief summary about the show. I hope it will help you understand what is going on.

I (Hye-Seong Lee), as a independent curator, have an opportunity to exhibit at Eunam Museum during August, and I wish to invite foreign artists who are living and working in the Gwangju and Jeolla area to join.

Eunam Museum opened last year. It is one of four private museums in Gwangju. You can check the website with this link:

The gallery is an invitation show. My goal is to organize the show in such a way that the diversity of arts can be expressed to Korea. So far, I have received 20 entries. Mr Chea, chief of the museum, and I think that 10-12 artists is sufficient for the August show. Mr. Chea and I will select the artists for the show. Good luck to you. Artists will be selected around June 20th.

Prospectuses will be sent to the chosen artists, as well as important dates, such as installation, reception, and pickup work.

If you do not mind, I wish to keep your resume or CV for a future show, even if you do not participate this time. I frequently hear of opportunities to exhibit at galleries and museums.

The gallery is an invitation show. However, they only support space costs and nothing more. As a result, each
artist is required to share a minimum fee of around 50,000 won to help support the exhibition cost (which would include posters, invitation cards, opening costs, etc). Also, each artist needs topay their own shipping/transportation costs.

Artists need to provide me with any requested text and images for the purposes of promoting the exhibition within the requested time. Selected images will be used in promotional material for the exhibition. Each artist will receive 10 invitation cards for promotional purposes. The show will be advertised and promoted by the museum and myself.

Good luck everyone. Keep up with your wonderful work. I hope you find a way to reach your dream in Korea.

Hye-Seong Lee.

2 Responses to “Application for Eunam Museum (Curator: Lee Hye-seong)”
  1. Joe Wabe says:

    Have you got an email address?

  2. Evelyn Curry says:

    I think I am too late to submit an entry for the August exhibition, but I would like to enter the next available exhibit, whenever that is….

    Evelyn Curry

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