Water’s Mood by Mark Eaton

The International Artists Community, based in Seoul, is hosting an exhibition for the photographer, Mark Eaton.  The online showing is currently on display and will conclude on 29 June 2011.

Eaton is living and working in Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea and travels throughout the country.  Enamored with the peninsular setting of South Korea, Eaton works to capture the varied moods and feelings generated by the water and the sea.  His current exhibition is exclusively his work with black and white photography.   Lifestyle, abstract, figure nude and the design elements are all on display in this exhibit.

The exhibition can be viewed here: Water’s Mood by Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton is a monthly contributor to Social Discourse of Disquiet.  Eaton does respond to serious and considerate email messages.  Please contact him if interested in modeling.  He also does work by commission.  His email:  ingaudiopulchritudo@gmail.com

One Response to “Water’s Mood by Mark Eaton”
  1. koreamaria says:

    Mark! Congrats on your exhibition! Thanks for sharing with our community.

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