Lisa Mynhardt’s Debut Solo Exhibition at PDG Gallery

Friday June 10th was a busy day in Gwangju, with the 12th Anniversary of the Gwangju International Center, Lisa Mynhardt’s first Solo show at PDG Gallery, on the fifth floor of the “Mr. Pizza” building across the main dragfrom the Shinsegae Parking lot, near U-Square. 

The director of the gallery, Kim SeKyueng also broadcasts two World Music radio shows on 91.5 and 92.3.  The space, is very well decorated and allows artists to give potential collectors a chance to see each piece as it might hang in a home, a pleasant change from the white walls one usually encounters at galleries.

Mynhardt’s art opening was fully attended, and both had elements of surprise.  Mynhardt  is now using minute squared-off line formations as pointillism to make faces that are full of shading and detail, not restricted in any way by the unique patterns that shape the faces. She also showed a touch of flair by gluing small plastic dolls, as face and body details; tied white plastic clothes line (as barbed wire); and a chained brass doo-dad as bondage-style lip-ring. The overall effect of the show was an exploration of mostly Asian personalities, be they trapped by their own personalities or openly individualistic.

Detail including small plastic doll.

Lisa Mynhardt, third from the left, with attendees of her first solo show “3”

The painting behind these fans is more subtle, using tree branches as the boundary. It makes one think that the limitations being placed on the depicted woman are ancient, not her own, yet just as hard to escape from.

The “X” in this one is a series of small mirrors, while the bangs can easily be seen as blindfolds, adding to the tension between viewer and art.

It is hard to beat the combination of wine, good conversation and excellent art.


“Nice looking work Lisa”

As a self-taught artist, and one who has shown a penchant for experimentation, Mynhardt could be at the beginning of a upward career as a painter. She is also acting in “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” a very funny/sexy play written by Steve Martin (that “wild and crazy guy” and US comedian, movie star and comedic writer for the New Yorker). That show is running for two days only, Saturday June 26th at 7:30pm and Sunday Jun 26th at 1:30pm and again at 7:30 pm at the Goto Theatre. The theatre is located a long block away form Chonnam University’s Front Gate (Jeongmun). More information about that can be found at

It’s an inspiration to see someone who is so wildly busy at work, also remain so active as a creator and performer. Thanks for the charge Lisa!



Kim SeKyueng and son Erik look on at the festivities.

And there’s Jo Park appropriately jailed in the background.  Jo is the director of “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” and, until recently made the trek from Seoul every weekend to rehearse the play.  See above for details.

One Response to “Lisa Mynhardt’s Debut Solo Exhibition at PDG Gallery”
  1. koreamaria says:

    Fabulous write up! I love Lisa’s work. It’s deeply personal yet plays questioningly with persona and archetype. Fabu night!

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