Tiger Greed by Allan Gould


It is mine spoke Charm,
it is mine for you to give,
It is mine spoke Honesty,
it is mine for you to live,
It is mine spoke Charm again
and this reduced your hunger.
It is mine to take what is yours
in that forest where you wander.
But please, it is mine spoke Wit,
and said it with humour –
You are mine
and I will have without asking!
It is mine spoke Reason
with terror in its voice,
it is mine you can refuse
but you have no choice.
It is mine spoke Trickery
and devoured all her bones.

They will be mine spoke Cunning
alive in its rags,
as the children of the house
await her return.
They will be mine spoke Cunning
With his paws on the gate
as the children of the house
listened to fate.
Though as that voice spoke
their ears were sure cocked,
and deep in some gut
they felt mother was locked.
They will be mine spoke Lies
as it fed them a yarn.
Their hearts sensing deceit
as they touched mother’s arm.
They are mine whispered Foolish Confidence
as the children snuck out the back door.

They are mine roared Anger
as it charged its way in.
They are mine gasped Hunger
but found nothing,
They are mine spoke Hunter
as it lay by the well,
They are mine murmured Slyness
before savaging reflection.
They are mine spoke False Concern
Bridling its rage –
‘Come down from the tree
Let our worries engage.’
They are mine spoke Stupidity
As it slid from oiled bark –
Then wheedled
The truth from the
Innocent two.
They are mine spoke Revenge
As it climbed up the tree,
but the children had gripped
Iron’s Eternity.
They are mine pondered Wisdom
outwitting the gods
But a rope made of straw
Is all that he pawed.
They are mine screamed Blind Fury –
then fell without breath,
As the Sun and Moon
Poured light on his death.

Into soil,
It has gone feeding the Earth,
who thanks him for Fear
and Anger and Thirst.
For now Earth can breathe,
once orphaned from Light.
And the tiger’s need
has casting moonlight.
And thus in the evenings
when the will has that want;
encourage such yearnings
for richness it plants.


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