Diversity: Anjee Disanto

Barefoot, Dirty & Magical, Digital print

Artist: Anjee Disanto
Since moving abroad five years ago, Anjee has sought to develop a talent in photography while exploring the concepts of ritual and beauty in more than 30 countries. Her primary interest is to stir viewers to examine scenes they would usually see as broken, “dirty,” or damaged. By looking deeply, we discover meaning or details which might have been overlooked, both in the subject of the photograph and in ourselves. Through this work, she has participated in more than a dozen exhibitions in Korea, including two solo shows and the annual Yongsan International Exhibition in Seoul, and has also been profiled in GROOVE magazine.”

See her work this Thursday at Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea in Hye-Seong Lee’s international art exhibition “Diversity.”  Beginning on Thursday, 25 August and concludes on Thursday, 8 September.  An opening reception at 6pm will be held.  The reception provides an excellent opportunity to meet and to speak with Anjee Disanto.

Eunam Museum, Gwangju 은암미술관, 광주 광주 동구 대의동 32 번지 우)500-050
Phone number: 062-231-5229
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