Diversity: Mark Eaton

Afternoon, Digital Print

Artist: Mark Eaton
Winner of several first place awards at the Prix de la Photographie Paris People’s Choice Awards photography competition and published by Photography Masters Cup. Has exhibited internationally in numerous public galleries including Prescott Fine Arts Association, Mountain Artists Guild, and currently exhibits in private galleries in the United States and in South Korea in venues such as First and River, and Veronica. A regular contributor to Gwangju News and Social Discourse of Disquiet provides opportunities to connect and to build communities and networks internationally. Respect of self and of others and the unique cultural perspective of a society gives strength and meaning to the collaborative work of each photograph. The natural and professional approach to the art of photography enhances the minimalism effect and eliminates the distractions that can hide the meaning of a composition.

See his work this Thursday at Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea in Hye-Seong Lee’s international art exhibition “Diversity.”  Beginning on Thursday, 25 August and concludes on Thursday, 8 September.  An opening reception at 6pm will be held.  The reception provides an excellent opportunity to meet and to speak with Mark Eaton. (Interview with Mark Eaton at Gwangju Blog)

Eunam Museum, Gwangju 은암미술관, 광주 광주 동구 대의동 32 번지 우)500-050
Phone number: 062-231-5229

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