Tiger Companion by Allan Gould


You conspired with merchants to trade my eyes
for the solidarity
in the human stuff.

You took words as promises
and found betrayal
Most fresh on the body of your efforts

You restrained me
Until strength let you down
But I felt an honesty in your muscles
As I stood wrestling you

I took pleasure in destroying the initial evil.

My heart-fire scrambled me beneath the splinters
of your labour.
You stored in your archives my friendship.
You sent the awry hunter wayward, cast him into
a hungry jeopardy.
My trust in you rewarded with life.

I bring you her
lay her gently on your lawns in the quiet
morning mist.
I bring you her half starved
from the ravages of circumstance,
from the hours of need never met by
I bring you her the foundation
stone of many generations to come.
I bring you her
under the veil of a crime, under
the sacrifice that close bonds inherit.
I bring you her, a song
for your heart to hum.
I bring you her a pathway
to a salvation which once had nothing but distance.
I bring you her
for what you had brought me.

Put soil above me.
I leave you prosperity.
I return in
shoot and root
and vein
and branch and trunk
and leaf
and fruit and need.
I am here
To feed you.


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