Evelyn Curry at Diversity

Forbidden City, Photo Collage

Artist: Evelyn Curry
Evelyn is an artist and photographer. Received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire, UK in 2007. Exhibited within Chester, UK, Suncheon, South Korea, and Chicago, IL, USA.Commissioned for portrait drawings and paintings, as well as photo shoots and weddings. Worked as a Stills Photographer within the UK. She is visually recreating pieces of her visual encounters and memories. She does not find any one photograph elementary enough to sufficiently describe or label her experience in the places she has visited. A photograph can
be as flexible as paint upon canvas.

See her work this Thursday at Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea in Hye-Seong Lee’s international art exhibition “Diversity.”  Beginning on Thursday, 25 August and concludes on Thursday, 8 September.  An opening reception at 6pm will be held.  The reception provides an excellent opportunity to meet and to speak with Evelyn Curry.

Eunam Museum, Gwangju 은암미술관, 광주 광주 동구 대의동 32 번지 우)500-050
Phone number: 062-231-5229

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