Sung Woo Kim

The Paradise Engine, Installation

Artist: Sung Woo Kim
Kim Sung Woo’s Paradise Engine is a piece of clunky and primitive
machinery based in the ideas of absurdism. The deliberately awkward
and inefficient movements of the machine are representative of
humanity’s clumsy efforts towards paradise and the artificial
mechanisms by which we seek to achieve it.  Kim’s work presents an
artistic representation of the futility of these endeavors while
examining the human tendency towards technological progress over moral

See his work this Thursday at Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea in Hye-Seong Lee’s international art exhibition “Diversity.”  Beginning on Thursday, 25 August and concludes on Thursday, 8 September.  An opening reception at 6pm will be held.  The reception provides an excellent opportunity to meet and to speak with Kim Sung Woo.

Eunam Museum, Gwangju 은암미술관, 광주 광주 동구 대의동 32 번지 우)500-050
Phone number: 062-231-5229

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