The Opening of Diversity at 은암 미술관 — by Mark Eaton

The day was hot, but it was a day off.  It’s not difficult for me to tell my business clients when I need to take time off to take care of other business.  In fact, they wish I would take more time off to take care of my other business.  It did take a few weeks, however, for my wife to realize that the peninsular country of South Korea would not sink into the seas and cease to function by closing shop for a day to make it a day in Gwangju-si in Jeollanam-do.  She would still have the same faithful clients she has always had.  She does have a way with people; a good way.

The day in question was Thursday, August 25; the opening of the Diversity exhibition at 은암 미술관 in 광주.  Diversity is a two week affair that will end Thursday, September 8.  Yeah, that will be another day off for us, and I can already see the smiles when I explain to my clients the need for me to travel to Gwangju yet again.  I don’t have several weeks this time around to convince my wife that Korea and its citizens will be just fine should she take a day off from her small business, though I do have precedent on my side.

That hot day I mentioned earlier was not only opening day for Diversity, it was also the day the museum hosted the artists’ reception at the gallery itself.  The curator of the show, Lee Hye-Seong, herself a respected artist, worked tirelessly to ensure that Diversity started well.  That it did.  I thought it well attended by the community at large.  Nineteen artists are exhibiting various and diverse pieces of art reflecting the theme of the event, though not all were present at the reception.  Some were abroad, some had previous commitments of one sort or another.  Some had other affairs, ahem, that just had to be dealt with at the moment.  I do like those free spirits.

은암 미술관 is a genuine art gallery.  It isn’t like those ubiquitous department stores or street markets full of clutter and fluff and knock-off items.  은암 미술관 is the real deal.  If a person appreciates art, then a person will appreciate how the Diversity exhibit is presented.

My wife viewed the exhibition singly, and then we viewed it in tandem.  I asked her if she had a favorite, but she said no.  That, of course, is universal family speak that translates thus:  “My husband, I love you dearly, and I like your work.  I like your nude models, they are very nice to me.  But did you see that artwork over there?!  That was so interesting!”  No, I wasn’t hurt…really.  There is excellent work showing well the theme of Diversity.  I had fun viewing the creativity.

I did have a couple of favorite moments during the reception.  Hye-Seong invited some exceptional musicians and singers to perform for those in attendance.  I hope to cherish for eternity  the memories of the different facial expressions had by my wife as she listened to the angels sing.

September 8 is the end of the Diversity exhibit.  It’s not too late to take time to enjoy it.

I did break out the camera to photograph some of the artists’ reception.

All photographs presented on this page:  © Mark Eaton

On a personal note, I am exhibiting my figure nude work at the Diversity Exhibition.  The compositions have Korean and western figure models.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with more than a few Korean figure models and foreign figure models in South Korea.  While professional, each has collaborated with a creative and artistic flair to assist in creating something worthwhile and lasting.

Please contact me if interested in modeling and/or purchasing any of my work for private or public display.  I also do work by commission.

I am a member of the International Artists Community, which is based in Seoul, South Korea.  See some more of my work and the work of the other artists at IAC:  International Artists Community

In addition, I’m a member of the Gwangju Artists Collective.  GAC was kind enough to create a site that features some of my work and a short profile: Mark Eaton at GAC

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