Martyn Thompson Solo Exhibition – ‘Immersive Environments’

Come along to the open night of Martyn Thompson’s first solo exhibition in Korea.
Start time is 5:00pm on 24th September.
The exhibition runs from 21st September to 27th September in GALLERY I, INSADONG, SEOUL, KOREA.

Moving to Korea in summer 2007 provided me with a new culture and environment in which I would find myself making my art works. The environment around me has always played a significant factor in my work, as these are the places I pass through every day and it, in turn, shapes my life, which gives my work direction.

Capturing time and space has been a challenge for many artists, through cubism, to futurism, up to modern day use of 3D stereoscopic glasses. There are a number of artists who have had a strong influence upon my work, including David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, and my University professor, John Harper, to mention a few.

My fascination with immersive environments came about when I was studying at Northampton University, England. These form a strong link between the world we live in, and my work. In order to depict this, I have developed a method of creating large scale, digital photographic montages in order to encapsulate the viewer within the piece of work. The passing of time becomes apparent, upon closer inspection of the work, where the viewer can notice subtleties such as the wind moving a flower, or a person walking in the distance.

When I view my work, I feel the difference between each of the surroundings, whether it be the cool, fresh air of a winter mountain, or the impeding skyscrapers looming above me along a busy street. Each piece is created to try and allow the viewer to experience a snapshot of my memory, by pulling them from where they are and temporarily locating them in the place I once stood.

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