Gwangju Performance Project – Meet the Peeps – Travis Major

English language teachers, in my opinion, are really actors.  Giving their edutainment show on a daily basis, they play to a small audience. Travis Major, English teacher by day, breaks out of his classroom and rounds up others to act in Gwangju Performance Project – an organic group of expats that are exercising their craft and demonstrating their love of theater.

Inspiration Circling Around the Expat Scene
Travis is inspired by people who are ridiculously good at one thing, as he thinks he lacks focus. Yet Travis and Jo Park were the fire and focus that got a group of people to voluntarily rehearse for months to give an early summer performance of Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

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Acting as Art Process
Travis stomps through barriers drawing on his stubbornness to not give up, willingness to do the tedious work of trial and error, and especially by focusing on the end point of the endeavor. This fortitude is balanced with his friendliness and how he spends most of his time chatting – at the water cooler, at the coffee shop, wherever there is a chance to meet and share.

His art process of acting has three main juice jumping, best practices. Initially he loves the memorization of acting; it’s satisfying in its linear demand. The rehearsal is also one of the best parts for him as he enjoys the idea exchange that occurs. Finally the performance is wonderful because all of the ups and downs melt away and all that is left is the act itself.

Acting is not for the faint of heart. The hardest part of acting for Travis is when reality differs from what he thinks of himself as he is acting than what the camera shows him to be doing. This humbling experience is uncomfortable as it shreds your ego. Actors needs thick skin to face up to reality of their performance.

Travis has an acting bug. He’s been acting since high school doing dozens of plays. He even rented a theater with his friends to put on their own play. While not in the drama department at university he still participated in several theater productions in Saksatoon and Montreal. Now he can add Korea to his list of locales for his performances.

Over the years Travis has actually become less confident about his acting but more comfortable  and more self-critical (in a good way) . Now he has less hubris, but more passion and dedication to doing the work of acting. Acting is not a choice for him; it’s something he has to do. Videos of performances have helped him accept the complicated nature of his acting process.

Travis really enjoys playing extreme characters like Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet. He loved playing the wacky, overly earnest Einstein early this year in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. When asked about a time he’d like to travel to in history he mentions London in the 1800s. I can see him as Sherlock Holmes OR Watson, Dr Jeckyl AND Hyde, and maybe even a rabid portrayal of Jack the Ripper.

Upcoming Adventures of Gwangju Performance Project
While Jo Park has headed off to the USA, Travis is now working with Amanda Koons to put something together for the Gwangju community this fall. Travis is pretty focused for his fall drama vision and is welcoming the community to get involved again. Check out details of the next event on Facebook Event.

They are now planning the next show. It will be one or more plays, performed mid-November to mid-December.  This Sunday, September the 25th, Travis will officially announce one of the scripts that will be performed and discuss the possibility of other shows being directed. He is also working on creating a new website.
Wish List for Fall
Here is a list mentioned on the Facebook Event about urgent needs.
1) people power – clear commitments from as many funky folks as possible
2) scripts – suggestions are still possible, especially for small pieces (4-5 person, preferably 1-2)
3) venue – a reliable performance space with the necessary lights/sound/set pieces. This was their biggest struggle the first time around; please step forward if you have a solution for them!
Travis lets his acting freak flag fly. I hope you also let it rip. Join the Gwangju Performance Project this fall – as performer or audience.
Acting. Pop on a persona and escape your comfort zone this fall!

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