Tiger Filial by Allan Gould


Transformation, prayer, the idea of ritual. Thus refrains are important. Sacrifice
Blue in the eye mirrors hate
A memory with talons
A memory with moral indignation
A memory pinned by crucifix

A desperation
Kept howling in mountain cave
Source to save her
Beneath moon
Source to save her
Within chill
Source to save her
Drawn from ritual

A voice spoke
Broke silence with a crack
A voice spoke
Offering nothing
A voice spoke
Hung charms from its words
Source to save her
In fur and tooth and claw and growl

Each night hidden in a spell
You brought sustenance
Each night climbing from sleep
You hunted cures
Each night
A blaze of fire ‘cross your face
Sowing her salvation
Source to save her
Your lips bloodied
A voice spoke
To trembling worry
A voice spoke
To magnificent son

And she spying your pursuit
Set words to flame
Haunted by your love
Doomed you to prowl
Each night you curse and spit your tears
You burn as fires do
A voice spoke
To wretched honour
Source to save her
Yo give your heart to wilderness
A voice spoke
to a child’s need
source to save her
you delve in mysteries


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