A Poem by Lisa Mynhardt – Spilt knowledge

Spilt knowledge

When mind spills knowledge upon parted lips,

its dryness parches innocent tongues.

Souls weep for lost verses said.

While hearts bleed with frustrated bursts.


Kindness is lost on unkind men,

worthy woman, none can be lost.

Fledgling rulers in masses rise

to govern…

to share…

to stare, blankly at the world.


Uncorrupted faces are nowhere to be found.

Even the sea has them secretly bound.

Willful we struggle, chin to the wind.

Words of honor, ringing without end.

by Lisa Mynhardt

2 Responses to “A Poem by Lisa Mynhardt – Spilt knowledge”
  1. joyinbeauty says:

    ….unkind men….I think so, too.

    Well done, Lisa.

  2. Doug Stuber says:

    Is our knowledge being tugged to a place so arid? Are evil men controling what’s left of the resources? Is Lisa Mynhardt a source, nay resource? True, no worthy woman can be lost, not now, not at this time, not when so many starve, so few devour, so corrupt. Still the parted lips were all the more tantalizing before the second line’s tongue. If the knowledge could parch something else, then the lips would remain beautifully non specific.

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