Entity Amid – Gwangju Artist Collective Exhibition – by Mark Eaton

Helping Hand

© 2011 Mark Eaton

Entity Amid will begin Saturday, November 12 at 3 p.m.  It is scheduled to end Saturday, November 26; however, I’ve been informed the exhibition might conclude on Saturday, December 3.  I surmise some factors must come into play to make the additional week a reality, though I haven’t a clue at this time.

This is the address and phone number for the Gwangju International Center:

Jeon-il Building 5, Geumnam-no, Dong-gu
Gwangju-si 501-758, South Korea

062-226-2733 and 062-226-2734

All photographs in this article:  © Mark Eaton

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with more than a few Korean figure models and foreign figure models in South Korea.  While professional, each has collaborated with a creative and artistic flair to assist in creating something worthwhile and lasting.

Please contact me if interested in modeling and/or purchasing any of my work for private or public display.  I also do work by commission.

My photography can be viewed on my website: Mark Eaton Photography

I am a member of the International Artists Community, which is based in Seoul, South Korea.  See some more of my work and the work of the other artists at IAC:  International Artists Community

In addition, I’m a member of the Gwangju Artists Collective.  GAC was kind enough to create a site that features some of my work and a short profile: Mark Eaton at GAC

My email:  ingaudiopulchritudo@gmail.com


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