Bus arrest, not a hoax, problems people are having part 6509

Everyone I have a quite serious dilemma! I had an episode yesterday in the morning on the bus. There were several people putting money in the box to pay bus fare and I put mine in as well 2 500Won coins. The bus driver seemed upset, not sure what he was saying I put in another 500Won coin. He continued to seem frustrated and me frazzled, he still drove the bus….straight to the police station! He…re he physically pulled my arm off the bus, the police came outside and detained me. I had just gotten my phone fixed the night before at Samsung and lost all of my phone numbers, but luckily I had Kakao Talk to contact my co-teachers. I called my mom and had her call the US Embassy. I was read my rights in broken English and asked to sign a document stating that I know that I am arrested and aware of my crime, wich I refused to sign. I was then told to show my ARC card, I switched purses the night before and didn’t have it. Then proceeded to dump my entire bag and found it in a pocket and presented it at the police station. I was then taken to immigration and told that I either sign a paper saying that I did not show my ARC card in a timely manner and pay a 50,000 won fine or I go to trial and risk deportation. I ended up paying the 50,000Won fine and by that time my co-teacher and vice principal were there to take me to school. Once at school I sat in my room until the end of the day when I was presented with a ‘Cancellation of Contract’ form because I, ‘Broke a law of the Republic of Korea.’ I was told if I don’t get immigration to say that this was a mistake on Monday, then my contract will be terminated. Anybody have any ideas on how I should proceed? I would actually like to finish my contract that is finished in February. Any help would be great, I live in Suwon and with Gepik!( Doug I can’t find her name)

One Response to “Bus arrest, not a hoax, problems people are having part 6509”
  1. koreamaria says:

    I think this is a crossposts from somewhere else. Don’t know the peeps involved. Thanks, Doug, for raising awareness about this. What was she “arrested” for?

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