Winding through Spring in Gwangju I think about my mother yelling at the bunnies to get out of her azaleas. Or my brother-in-law saying “az a lee ya” instead of “azayl ya.” Now I add new memories. One of which is from an old blog post that I love.  Here I share the picture and translated poem of Kim Sowol, “Azaleas.”

Interested in translating Korean poetry? Check out what Brother Anthony, one of the most well-known translators of Korean poetry into English, has to say. Or buy a book; Dave McCann’s translation at Colombia University Press. And Cold Front Mag has more on translation troubles.

Kim Sowol was a tragic figure. Suicide was his final life choice, as so many artists unfortunately choose. As Gwangju goes through yet another season of change with artists flourishing and failing, I hope that their process to share is the real art that we celebrate. I hope that all Gwangju artists, poets, and performers feel the joy of sharing their vision and not be damaged by a lack of commercial success or recognition as the qualifying scent of Spring success. Listen to an inspirational video by Elizabeth Gilbert to honor yourself in your art process.

Nurturing Creativity


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