Joe Wabe – Doing It All for Gwangju

If you don’t know Joe Wabe and you’re into art in Gwangju, you’re missing out. Joe puts out Art Elemento Magazine (you can follow him on Tumblr). He recently has started to offer some long overdue post cards for Gwangju (Check out Facebook Page Bohemian Gwangju.) Has a daily blog of photos of Gwangju which will turn into a book – see Gwangju 365. But then he has opened two different ex-pat spaces as well. A couple years ago he had a hooka bar downtown. Then he brought the magic of Mexican to Gwangju. Opening Tequilaz, originally in Chondae Humun and then helping Sungju with the transition to the downtown location (see Facebook Group Tequilaz for deets). He is also behind Gwangju Living – a calendar for Gwangju as well as one of the mover and shakers of The Ju Flea Market a regular time each month to get some bargains downtown.

One Response to “Joe Wabe – Doing It All for Gwangju”
  1. Mark says:

    In addition to being a mover and a shaker, Joe is a thoughtful and kind person, too.

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