Ramblings about the US in 2012, an election year

A       conversation among caring people.  This is taken from the Yahoo group “Friends for Thought”

First–      From a retired university librarian-artist.

<<One more reason why it will be difficult for me to vote      for      President Obama in November. The other is the “kill list” and the      unmanned      drones he is overseeing.      Vietnam was an unjust war and a horrible mistake. Period.




Second–My thought when I forwarded the above–

<<Brought back all the crap I knew–the truth

of this invasion (NO War) and before, such a Ho trying to persuade

Woodrow Wilson to help get the French ot of Vietnam in 1919.


On even days I think I’ll sit  out the election. On odd days, I

think I’ll bite the bullet–AGAIN, and vote for the slightly less

OBVIOUS evil. In the cracks I want to escape, but am cubed.



Third–Reply        from blog member–So you        and five million others sit out this election, and we have        Mittens in the White House (who gets to appoint 3 more of the        same kind of Supreme Court jurisprudence) and a cascade of other        undoings of the Great Society and the New Deal.  You’ll        then have lots to complain about as they undue your pension and        your social security benefits along with medicare.  Watch        as your personal residence loses the rest of its value.  It        will take several decades to reverse this clusterf**k.         Yes, go ahead and sit out this election, but don’t        complain to me.  Hope you are happy with yourself.  I        know it’s a bad trade-off, but I’m registering voters and        campaigning for Democrats who are running for the Texas Court of        Appeals.  Elise


Third–My reply.


As I wrote as subject –Nothing new. I said that on alternate days    I THINK about sitting out/in the election. I’ve been actively,    involved in political life, since 1954. Because, I care. I    canvassed, campaigned, had a pistol pulled on me at a polling place,    by a Daley machine precinct worker as I passed out literature for a    liberal, anti-machine candidate (who won, the first to do so against    the machine.)   A machine/establishment precinct captain came to my    house and threatened the loss of my employment with the city of    Chicago, if I did not stop campaigning–on my own time. I had to    have my principal intercede with a Board of Education member to    defuse the threat.


As I review what was sent, I think that you ignore the historical    basis, context and example for my thinking and writing. I view    human  events in a context. I am fully aware of consequences. Will    they be swift- a la Mittens– or prolonged–a la Democrat    proposition?


I think, after fifty years as an activist for liberal-progressive    political life  I can decide what I want to do in this election, as    I have in all others.


As a child and teen I stood for justice. I had cops called on me on    an interstate bus in South Carolina about four years before Rosa    Parks , and I had no community back-up. I was born a rebel (not the    Confederate kind) and, according to family have always had a sense    of righteous indignation, and acted on it.


It is painful, to have spent a long life working for justice,    equity, freedom and peace, and to come to the end  with the    observation that little of substance has changed. One lifetime is    not a nano-blip on the screen of universe. It is what we,    consciously, know.


Example: Following what is happening at the University of    Virginia–Jefferson’s “baby,” the university president has been    fired because she  is a “strategic planner,” not a “strategic    dynamic.” The information is that students and graduates of the    university around the world are protesting the take-over control of    the university–all public education by privatization, with massive    inroads into private education. “Private” education is, primarily    church related in the African American community, and it is being    subverted by the corporate model, as everyone is buying into the    “business model” as the only vision and version of life on the    planet.


The role of the university has been changed from that of the    nurture and advancement of the mind, to the nurture and advancement    of private money,  from students as learners, to students-everyone    as consumers.

There is no concern with balance, and multiple valuation. One size    fits all. The commodification of the world, is as vulgar as the    commodification of humans, as slaves, serfs, wage slaves, off-shore    maquilidores, where the factory is the dormitory, and workers arrive    like cattle at the slaughter house to be used and discarded. Not to    forget the denial of worth exemplified by factory farms and animal    cruelty.


I, and those that I admire, such as Chris Hedges, and the people on    LINKTV, are of no more value than a bucket of hog entrails. I lived    near the Chicago Stockyards–my daily odor.  The stench in the    current gamed world is identical–lemming-like death. I studied and    taught the exposes of excessive privatization by the investigative    writers of the 18th- 20th centuries. As a former student wrote, “The    Robber barons have returned.” I wrote,

They never left.” They licked their wounds and grew stronger, as a    deprived, entertained public great more stupid. The UVA news     yesterday caused me to say,–“Alexander Hamilton has won. Thomas    Jefferson has been beaten.”


I have observed, from the beginning of Obama’s election that the    advisers he brought on board were, actually,  adversaries,    particularly in an important area, the economy. Humans, and the    planet require air, water, food, and work to sustain themselves,    their families and tribes. Breath and blood are nearly exhausted by    the needle-eyed views of the controllers of our destiny, and few    know, while fewer are able to move productively. The Rio De Janiero    climate summit, last week, was a farce–as all have been. The    “leaders” have no balls, no grit, and no guts. The people-99%– have    no chance! Koch Brothers may as well be spelled coke/cocaine. Occupy    and Arab Spring, are being defeated in a consuming world of    selfishness and greed. Bullies!


The current administration DOES have more humane instincts than the    Repugnut-Tea Party, but there is a deep strain of “chicken,” called    compromise, that is not respected by its adversaries. Mittens and    co-conspirators have denied, lied and taken advantage of every    effort by the Obama administration, thrown it back in their faces,    and laughed at it. The bulk of Americans are    wishy-washy-topsy-turvey. I am amazed how, each week, sometimes day    to day,  polls report shifts by substantial numbers of citizens who    have no core convictions as to what has value and is in their    healthy interest. If a word, phase, a change in  the direction of    oil/gas prices, Wall street gaming, a word or phrase by a candidate,    can elicit drastic shifts in decision making, where is the    core-heart-soul in the choice. On what moral, ethical, factual,    scientific, historical, principled bases are people deciding? Whims?    No–FEARS, and ignorance. I do not have another decade to wait and    watch–nor work..


I can envision that, if on the night before the election, the    news/media reports ANYTHING slightly up or downward in regard to the    fears of enough people, voting on election day will reflect    that minuscule, seismic shift. C’est tous!


I have one regret, that giving so much life energy to the    socio-political-economic issues of a world in which I find myself, I    have made myself sick with congestive heart failure.  No matter what    I do on election day, I will have no regrets. The enchilada has been    left on the counter too long.


There are push-pins on all the “hot-spots” on my globe. Porcupine.




And STILL with all we know about LBJ’s bombings (and the fact that a matter of weeks before his 1948 election to the House of Representatives, Johnson’s opponent was murdered, ahem) and the continuing insanity in the top post of Democrats (Jimmy Carter sent in crack paratroopers to kill pro democracy protesters here in Gwangju in 1980, the slaughter was horrifying, and his support of greater slaughters by the dictators in Indonesia) and then Clinton’s: Draconian Welfare Refom Act , and absurd 1995 Banking Reform Act (banks could then lend 30 for every One dollar they had in deposit rather than the previous law’s 12 to one, continued illogical and harsh sanctions on Iraq, bombings of Iraq (he dropped more bombs on Iraq than Bush 1 and Bush 2 combined, worst of all NAFTA and the promises he made and arms he twisted to get Democratic legislators to vote for this highly Republican idea, his signing of GATT II thereby subverting US sovereignty to trade laws, and ooops screwing US labor again and royally (see China, Vietnam, etc. as landing points for the cheapest possible labor, meaning more US jobs lost than NAFTA could ever dream of sucking away) AND NOW this stooge. Pakistan: between May and June, of 2010, in six short weeks creating two million refugees, the same number it took Bush six years of war to create in Iraq, all so the pipeline being finished in Afghanistan (to run oil AROUND Iran and to the Indian Ocean from the Caspian Sea) the same pipeline we made SURE Russia couldn’t build by supporting (in billions of dollars of war equipment including the famous shoulder-held anti-aircraft, heat-seeking missile launchers) OSAMA BIN LADEN and his MUJAHADE’EN because he figured he was protecting his house of Sad’s interests in doing so, and then when a Republican was in place coming up with an excuse to attack Afghanistan due to BIN LADEN being there (he was dying of liver cancer as some will recall) so WE could control the pipeline, and watching the distortion of free-market capitalism when the US congress stepped in to STOP China from buying UNOCAL in time to find Chevron to do it, and indeed UNOCAL’s VP is the US envoy to Afghanistan (surprised?) but to have a DEMOCRAT then mess up in big ways the entirety of Pakistan in order to FINISH said pipeline, well it’s painful. BUT NOT AT ALL SURPRISING. He’s also made it impossible to try to change the US “healthcare system,” one of the all time biggest rip-offs of a country’s economy for the benefit of a few handsomely rich insurance folk in Hartford. Conn, etc. Yes Conn, not CT but Con. and Barack has overseen some other wonderful boo-boos like NOT repealing Patriot Act One and Two (wasn’t he a noted constitutional scholar as Editor of the Harvard Law Review?) and not restoring a single one of the 186 environmental laws Bush scrapped, and not even bringing up hundreds of other campaign promises, ONLY to campaign again saying the backbone of the US is its workers! and to promise to bring jobs BACK TO THE US from CHEAPER LABOR countries. Oh HO HO HO HO HO HO! 63% of Obama’s primary money came from registered Republicans when he was running against Hillary, then the Repubs THREW the election (Sarah Palin?) because they did not want to oversee ANOTHER depression, and they threw it AGAIN when all four remaining Repub. candidates went in Michigan this year (Ohio and Michigan alone will determine this election) and said that bailing out General Motors was a mistake. Oh? Maybe, but won’t the saved-jobs folks at GM be voting AGAINST such stupid campaigning? And then they give the US a MORMON to try to vote for…uh the same church that would have you believe Jesus walked in the US….oh and if you’ll believe that, then there’s a lifetime of servitude waiting for you in Utah…he he

Meanwhile thinking folks like ourselves still can’t get their heads around a third party. Well, the constitution FORBIDS POLITICAL PARTIES and wanted voters to vote for the MAN not some political philosophy (note MAN) but since we’re in the party system kind of deeply now, why is it STILL that no one believes that BOTH MAJOR PARTIES SUCK.

After 11 years at 60-90 hours a week of attempting to get the Green Party thing going, I gave up. it was obvious natural partners like minorities would NOT vote for someone or some ideas UNLESS they had a chance of winning.

Please do NOT sit out this or any election, but do NOT vote for Romney or Obama either. Vote for Mickey Mouse, Vote for any of the third party candidates who represent labor and the environment better than the current regimes (house, senate supreme court along with Obama) by this I mean any third party except the ones further right (libertarians come to mind).

As the earth’s ecosystem melts away, leaving human and many other forms of life in peril, no one, not a single government, moves to ban automobiles. Or coal-fired or nuclear power plants. Don’t you love the Tata cars that run on compressed air? it would not take an ENTIRE YEAR to force all cars to run on compressed air. But NOOOOOOOO, some rich folks might lose jobs…it is my wholehearted belief that in most segments of humanity the communal spirit is starting to return. Against such obnoxious fascism; it should anyway. Local solutions and local safe foods and energy alternatives. This works better than politics.


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