George Armstrong: Influence of Gwangju Advocate Julian Warmington

Julian Warmington is finishing up his year as Editor in Chief of Gwangju News Magazine. In his dedication to Gwangju he started the Gwangju International Center’s Library and has now brought you Gwangju News Online.

Julian is a cause-filled junky. And I think it may be a nurtured-induced addiction from his family background. In this radio file the man being interviewed is Julian’s great-uncle-in-law, and also a hero of Julian’s. The program is mostly about New Zealand history and worth a listen.

George Armstrong, Julian’s uncle, is an Anglican minister who 30 years ago was a key figure in the anti-springbok tour rallies. Prior to that he began the Peace Squadron, a flotilla of boats which would take to the water in protest at French nuclear tests in the pacific, and against visits by US nuclear vessels. Has also been involved in Bastion Pt protests, anti-Vietnam war protests, the Hikoi of Hope.

Cheers to Julian. Thanks for sharing your energy in Gwangju!

2 Responses to “George Armstrong: Influence of Gwangju Advocate Julian Warmington”
  1. Mark says:

    Julian is a quiet and thoughtful man whose focus is on others rather than himself.

  2. mahythesis says:

    Hey SDD,
    Just a quick note of thanks for the write up above there, and an offering: George has been recognised by Greenpeace Aotearoa in a recent telly commercial they made. This is him at 2.15, at 2.37, and at 3.06:

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