The Incredible Maria Lisak by Mark Eaton

Maria Lisak is a coach, confidant, friend, instructor, learner, artist, supporter of the arts, and a human being extraordinaire.  There are other superlatives that others more talented than I can communicate; however, suffice it to say that Maria Lisak is a woman who is respected and appreciated by all those who have had the good fortune of meeting and interacting with her.

Maria is the founder of Social Discourse of Disquiet.  Through this vehicle, many artists in South Korea have been able to showcase their creative inventions be it featured in an article here or by being a contributor.  On a personal level, I have been able to connect with those who love the arts on an international scale because of my association with SDoD, and that was only made possible by her vision.

What sets Maria apart from everyone else, and I do mean everyone else, is her genuineness and her lack of pretense.  She isn’t interested in the back slapping facade, but she is interested in the human condition and humanity.  In an era that sees honesty as being relative, selective memory as being the norm, and a person’s back as something to climb on, Maria is the antithesis of such accepted and expected behaviors in modern society.  She is interested in building up, and in supporting.

Maria, from my heart, thank you.  Thank you.

My photographic work can be viewed on my website: Photography by Mark Eaton
My photography blog, though it is focused on my philosophy, and how I think and see life: A Blog by Mark Eaton


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