Learn your Green Term. Green Discourse to Change your Lifestyle

The first way we start to make change is by complaining, I believe. “Oh, there is so much garbage. Oh, why doesn’ t the city pick it up.”

Complaints, like blaming, if deconstructed usually show that YOU ARE what you COMPLAIN ABOUT.

Instead of complaining about the lack of alacrity to move towards a more green lifestyle, I have started my path of change.

I am trying to change my discourse. To learn and understand the ‘jargon’ of Green.

Today I share my education and lesson.

Closed Loop Systems.

Please read Clean Production’s post about Steps in the Closed Loop System.

There is even a graphic to help understand the concept.

I don’t fully understand the concept yet. But I like the idea of making product designers responsible for disposing of the product at the end of the life of the product.

What is the Precautionary Principle?

What is EPR Extended Producer Responsibility?

More words to add to my discourse to change my lifestyle to be more Green.


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