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Russell Scott Day I have heard the war of words on NPR, or since I stopped listening to them, read of N. Korea for 7 years approximately. I’ve looked at the history. I think about China. Rice is a Clinton story from Arkansas to Haiti to Korea and anywhere rice is the staple food. / Appeasing North Korea with rice for blowing up bombs and threatening everybody is not a working for ever tactic. / North Korea is the place making new bombs their way, or anyway, along with counterfeit money. / I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of hearing from them. They can’t be trusted. They being the leadership, an emperor type family Kim love I might have to “get”, to not get. Nobody ought to have Atomic bombs. Okay right but they ought not have atom bombs. okay. Get ready. Cut off their rice. War back on yah. [The South Koreans can get a bomb now. Then the US goes, “maybe they will take care of the problem for us.” China. Oh China. “Better to have an intelligent enemy, than a stupid friend.”
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Doug Stuber Oops, wandered into the nest of a war monger who would rather SEE PEOPLE DIE than work things out. You know, of course, that President Roh and his minister Chung were making large strides in reunification, the peaceful way. Who hated that? Both the US and China hated that idea. Why? My guess is that China, which receives thousands of fleeing North Koreans (agreed, they should flee such “leadership”) gets a lot of cheap labor from North Korea. If Korea were unified, it would not only allow the US to build YET MORE army bases closer to the Chinese border, it would also provide SOUTH KOREA cheap labor, rather than China. The US hated reunification because it had the threat of slowing down a lucrative market for the US #1 export since World War II, by this I don’t mean simple numbers, but the export guaranteed to make certain cretins more money: War. A Unified Korea might actually cause South Korea to go back to the levels of defense spending it had under Roh, ahem, which were 13 TIMES less than Lee Myung Bak spent. You see Lee was a suck up to Bush at first, and Obama and the G-20 later on. Mussolini, a noted fascist, defined fascism as “When big business and big government do nothing but help big business and big government. What about the 88 US military interventions since World War II would make you think the U.S. is ANYTHING but a fascist state? Has anything Obama or Clinton done even slowed the fall into greed, money flowing directly up to the rich? Not even by tax code can Obama try to , no less succeed in, stopping this. Your Sir Day, you the history buff: what happened to EVERY SINGLE empire that ever existed on earth once the money concentrated at the top? THEY FELL. The U.S. has already fallen dramatically economically due to shipping labor jobs out, and taking on massive debt due to the profit needs of the bomb builders. And the trade deficit, and people buying homes they couldn’t afford (thanks to greedy bankers dumb enough, criminally dumb enough, to lend the money, knowing full well they’d foreclose once the interest-only part of the mortgage years were up). So now, in a fit of very scary insanity, the U.S. may well start World War Three. Why? In order to bail us out of the ensuing depression. But Dude, the last war that turned a profit was Vietnam, since then wars have only served to drag us further down, and to the benefit of what? Any DEMOCRACIES in the war torn remains of our greedy ways? Any love left for the US at ALL, even in England? Anything, other than economic blackmail (aka greenmail) that causes China and others to want to lend us money at 0.5% interest coming back to them? Agreed, that when the shit hits the fan this time many will die. So where is safe? Ausrtralia? Sure but how to grow your own food there? Me? I have farms on two continents and hoping to get a third on a third continent so that my son and his issues might have a safe place to grow their own food when war becomes a reality for nearly everyone. Thanks to thinking like yours among the upper ups we may be doomed no matter where. We know Iran’s leader was trained by the CIA (look at his scholastic choices) and we can have a safe bet that someone is behind Kim Jung Eun’s tactics other than the kid himself. Maybe it’s the military men standing right behind him all the time. Maybe Dennis Rodman went over with a “let’s play ball” case of Chivas Regal, the hooch his daddy loved so much…it doesn’t matter. What matters is the the propaganda wing, known as US media (Why should Diane Rheem show both sides, isn’t the right COVERED well elsewhere!?) has the U.S. citizenry so hornswaggled most don’t even know of the 120 FEMA death camps set up. Set up for who?…0.0…1c.1.7.psy-ab.w2tpqrsswac&pbx=1&biw=1366&bih=643&cad=cbv&sei=_BBSUf7mOYvdkgXthYHYCw

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  • Russell Scott Day Stalinist nation with high livers inherited by son in a dynastic family does demonstrations with weapons of mass destruction and delivery systems. Cyberwar incident occurs. Hot war is announced. WMD attack is promised. Review of history provides little evidence of good. Nice time for the use of a neutron bomb. People have been trying for decades to improve relations with North Korea. It is they who have the power to open their borders and open their concentration camps. Since they don’t do anything but promise to give us war, we can go ahead and give them what they want now, and get rid of the threat, before they get stronger and better at causing unease and suffering.
  • Russell Scott Day I’ve asked my fellow Visi Garth to take a look at this. So far I know N. Korea has concentration camps. I am aware that the US has prisoners in Guantanimo (Cuba). There are many who are unlucky in prison, for profit prisons for the victimless crime …See More
  • Doug Stuber And the 120 FEMA camps in the U.S, who are they for? No argument that N. Korea is BAD, but if we attack or even counter what would be the 59th breaking of the 1953 cease-fire, wouldn’t Chine come to the defense of N. Korea as it has before? If so, does this fact, as reported by George Katsiaficas after tow years research mean anything to you: in 1948 the US Navy transported about 10,000 police officer from around Korea (the whole country, not just the north) to put down demonstrations on the southern Korean island of Jejudo. They were protesting to KEEP Korea one country and not impose the 38th parallel as a line we’d (the U.S.) would defend. Many died in Jejudo. The Propaganda machine then kicked in a blamed the incident on COMMUNISTS, even though it was the US Navy that got the police there. hence the FIRST Korean war was started on PURELY the provocations of the USA. OK the NEXT one might be due to the fault of Kim Jung Eun, but at least previously,the South NEVER ONCE attacked back after any provocations. WITH TODAY”S announcement that Jung Eun may shoot a missile at Hawaii, again those of us who live in South Korea are hoping no one reacts AT ALL. Many scholars agree that 85% of the civilian deaths in the Korean War were meted out by the US army not China, Russia or North Korea. With our track record here, we went on to the Mi Lai massacre and MANY more unreported ones in Vietnam. Was this truly done to spread democracy and stop the communist domino effect? If so, why did we quit? I may be wrong, but with over 300 tribes, Afghanistan has been hard ot conquer in the past. If we truly want someone other than a drug lord (Karzai) and a TRUE democracy in Afghanistan or Iraq, isn’t a sure bet the populations would vote AGAINST American interests? (See Venezuela, Bolivia, then Argentina and even Brazil with socialist “democracies” the U.S. hates.) Oooops. Which God or Creator picked the US to dominate the world. Whichever one it was, the joke will end up being ON US, as all empires fall. The only one that bowed out gracefully was the British Empire. The rest went down in flames. Wanna guess which will be our path? maybe BOTH, 1) “graceful = economically 2) flames = the type of World War that so many movies have been predicting since Neville Shute’s great novel “On the Beach” was made into a film in the what, late 1950s, early 60s? This started yet another propaganda front: MOVIES, in which wars violence etc. are normalized so we no longer give a hoot when body bags come back from war. That, and the Pentagoon(s) won’t let the returning bodies be filmed anymore. <ORWELL, Calling George Orwell, come in George!>
    • Drake Kyzine · Friends with Russell Scott Day

      Doug, well tried but I think RSD only sees one side and can’t see what caused it – or that his approach is just “more of the cause”
    • Russell Scott Day No that isn’t my stance of not seeing the other sides and sides and all that. The threat ought not come against working people of whatever state is my point.
    • Doug Stuber I agree, so now let’s look at the 88 military interventions the United States has made since World War Two, SHOULD ANY of those countries have suffered to to our greedy largesse? Empire Building? Dash for resources? Profit for the war machine? Indeed NOT, they SHOULD NOT HAVE according to the RSD logic. In this case it makes the US the MOST fascist state EVER, and NOW more than ever due to the complete absurdiity of stances taken in our legislature…33 years no spraying ROUNDUP (by Monsanto) on the southern half of Columbia, due to its rich oil reserves and NOT wanting to pay the farmers for their oil rights. 1998: Cheney and Halliburton lend 46 helicopters to Chevron who use the choppers ot kill tribal leaders in Nigeria because they demanded 10% of the oil profits being sucked from THEIR LAND, etc. etc. Democrats including LBJ, Carter, and Clinton equally culpable. Carter in Indonesia and South Korea (Gwangju, May 18, 1980) Johnson, well the entire mess in Vietnam, plus spreading the carpet bombing into Laos and Cambodia; Clinton for three WHOPPERS: 1) NAFTA (Perot was right the sucking sound is still audible) 2) The Welfare Reform Act which dismantled so many programs, the Republicans ate it up (Clinton had run on a platform that stole 7 key Republican planks, maybe that’s how he won!) and meant recipients of AFDC could only get 36 months worth PER LIFETIME no matter the state of their impoverishment, and 3) worst one maybe, the 1995 Banking Reform Act which allowed banks to lend 30 times their deposits instead of the previous limit of 12 times. and post Depression limit of 4 times their deposits. This led directly to sub-prime loans, as the greedy bank wanted more and more profit, KNOWING the foreclosures would come. The fallout from this continues on. These are DEMOCRATS? Of course southern democrats, being pro-slavery at the time of Lincoln, haven’t become liberal or progressive yet, never will. Then Comes Obama. Made all the “CHANGE BS stick during first campaign and then: Continued the bailouts; continued the Quantitative Easing which is destroying the value of the dollar by pumping billlions straight into the NYSE without regulation; EXPANDED Bush’s dirty little war to Pakistan (presumably to finish the pipeline AROUND Iran that has already been started from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean (talk about circumnavigation) and causing over 2 million refugees to flee Pakistan (about the same number that left Iraq, but why are they leaving?); who OKAYED all nasty fracking and sand oil pipelines form Canada to all points south, apparently; has done nothing for his fellow Americans (ask a few they will tell you); has done nothing like he said he would to encourage alternative energy or combat global warming (fuel standards for lines of automobiles begun under carter were scrapped under CLINTON) with the help of disingenuous Al Gore, whose family has ALWAYS been on the board of Occidental Petroleum) and, back to Obama is no saying openly that Americans are OK targets fr direct assassination if on the “list,” and that he is eyeing Asia now rather than Iran for a potential war venue well sure. Iran, after all is SURROUNDED by US Troops now in Iraq, Afghanistan AND Pakistan. Hmm, I doubt Iran will be TOO radical under these circumstances. SO how did Obama Change anything? OK His wife has better fashion than Laura Bush. And that’s about it. AND KEN O. your videos do NOT disprove mine, OK?
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  1. Doug,
    I am not versed on most of the details of the ongoing story of the Koreas (sic). What I am confident in is the long arc of history, and the interlocking mechanisms of power and control that form this reality. Most efforts to understand and analyze a history will begin at a particular time, say “The Korean War 1950”–having no awareness and insight into the build-up to that time, knowing nothing of the economic-social-political conditions, stresses, fractures, attitudes and actions previous. To try to understand any historical condition, it is necessary to know the forces, strains and stresses, not only from one (our) side. This is the fatal flaw, and when analyses and conclusions of what is and what ought to be refuses to engage the comprehensive story, nothing of importance–certainly nothing of truth for resolution can result.

    Being able and willing to form a comprehensive view of what and why the Koreans actually are a “north” and a ‘south,” along with the multiple fissures in the planetary body could begin formulations for peace. The majority of people don’t have the “smarts” to begin the process.

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