Doug Stuber, 2013 Poems, second batch


Never, and
I mean never, has such
a beauty graced the eyes, dreams
of young men
at Allendale or

even the women
of Columbia School.
I bet she
never knew Joe and
I cross country skied through back

lots to hole
ten at C.C.R.
to watch you work out. It was
as good as
it gets for teenaged

“men” who had
yet to, but wanted
to prove all
on your (in your?) quite
amazing grounds. Come spring an

outside thought
would creep in. Could we ever
birdie ten
again if the green
itself had taken

our break? What
if either one of us had
the nerve to
ask? We all envied
those who gained your trust.


Every heart beats hard
first and foremost, but
that girl may
not be the one who
yields. So there you were

not the chased
one, but the loved one,
the attic dream come true but
interrupted by the man,
my second father,

who offered a ride
to the lake, but I
hitched out of
huge embarrassment.
Decades later, with

Your child there,
we ran across each
other at Wegman’s and you
were kind enough to
describe me as the
player from outside your lit
window, still
bouncing by streetlight,
yearning so hard, for

what I did
not know, only guessed about.
What a dream
You made. Don’t worry
I’ll be fine, Love, Doug.


Your husky alto
served notice
that though three were in
the Boston
Whaler, orgy was

those firm fifteen-year-
old D-cup breasts now spring forth
to titillate entire
bodies, not just the

erogenous zones. The
third that day,
young “ant bites,” made the
middle-man, a cross

of stunning
beauty and carnal
knowledge due to an older
sister and her beau Rob, who
used to paddle out

in a small
inflatable raft to the
exact place
the telescope, placed
on the patio,

could zoom in
on the “action” that often
led to one
or both in the water
cold enough to calm, quench.


An apple doesn’t
fall far from
the tree. Nor does a
rough start come
close to ensuring

a smooth-assed
finish, yet, between a
scoff-law and addict or
the reverse side of

wanders this father,
lover of
many, ne’er once pinned
down, returns
to Alabama

to avoid
detention, or big
law multiplied by fortune
to add up to more
trouble he

knows how to
deal with. Genuine rebel
aligned with
good astrology,
his path winds out long.

His children
now grown, surely not stress
causers, nor
marginal, two men
removed from past hells.


She poses again,
dances across the entire
floor, sees men
come then leave her, so
hurt, yet happy, able to

support her fours kids,
their father was so
unlucky he went and lost
her too! A
lawyer, a

mover, a shaker
but too often the loosing
end of
heart breaker. What can
you do to quench both heart and

body, soul and mind?
Now on year sic, up,
away and teary-eyed as
your children grow into

adults. No
way to afford his school and
then he drops
out anyway! Now
the girls are ready,

meaning you
must sweat your every choice, be
they dates, types
of fun, clothing or
if you will marry.


Ewha plus
Cambridge equals part-
time instructor in this place
maybe for
two reasons: mostly

your husband
is tenured,
and then how to teach
towers over what
to teach, fair enough, but not

in this type
department, which prides
itself on black suits, proper
schooling in
ideas over

basics. How
unfair is
that? So we strike up
a pro-labor friendship
that also produces an

Auden piece,
thus saving my tenuous
career, as
poetry, you knew,
would never count as

though literature still rules
our great school,
your light inspires all
persistent teacher.


Mister one track mind
also can’t prevent from
meddling in every affair
that appears
to be working. Why?

His don’t here
in Gwangju. Why? The
poor man comes on like
New York meets
L.A.; problem is, he’s in

rules-box Korea
still with no clue as
to how to soft-shoe ladies
the way they
expect. So he floors

all others
chances by putting
his spin on their lives.
Lucky me,
I can relate to abject

so we commiserate, eat,
drink and be
miserable in
small, yet smaller town

due to its
infatuation with both
grapevine and
gossip. He can’t find
a like-thinking heart.


and willing to test
yours if you expect to have
a high position.
Most wilt,

and change schools
if they even want
to stay here. Ah but
others rise to the

learn to be

discreet, keep
up and surpass all
expectations. His diverse
Center leads

culture tours,
guides aliens to
some degree of peace
outside the normal
alcohol-soaked once-

a-week fun
that passes for relief from
eight hour school
instruction days or
marriage: abusive

and their hapless mates rescued,
sent to a
support center. God
bless you sir. Rest now.


complete, curious,
in and out of love
but staying firm, she
camped out in the triangle

at Reiksmuseum
where it meets
Van Gogh, needing a
cash infusion, so
she avoids asking her Dad

and finds a
friend to lend his help,
fair dinkum as she
had turned him on to
translated country female

poets from the rice
growing lands
west of Suncheon. How
can he ever forget you?
The red sweater dress, those eyes,

well hidden
breasts, soft boyfriend, gypsy tales
three Czech beer
imbibes, career dream
come true via two

years slave to
the music world now doing
just what you
wanted. You followed
your dreams: few here do.


Allen Gray
is correct, you have
movie-star looks, loyalty
to a cause so hard to grasp,
ability to

make things work even
when so many
mess-up around you.
was one, but what a

laugh when Ho’s
motel photos were
captioned better than you or
I could, and flew past the censors!
Of course, being an

original type
in a land time left
behind, you
favored the message:

“Yo men, get
over yourselves, be faithful
like your wives’
have been in order
to better raise and

know your own
children, you idiots!” Then
there I was
torn to pieces in
your husband’s calm bar.


Sexy and
in full control of
she would and would
not do, she
caused so many to

fall in love, so few to find
what they were looking
for, but what
a blast we had on
the dance floor!

Blonde wigs, jock
girl is with huge laughs,
major draw, but with
on shield-man in tow builds
wall that could test not

just climbing ability
but also sheer balls
of those so
brave as to try the
steep ascent.

Did they get
full satisfaction? Oh I
guess “yes” they
did, but other than
one Heineken on

the benches,
I avoided your giant lure
and mighty
glad I did, as you
showed up in my class.


consumed experience
until all bike trips to see
wrongfully jailed paled:

causes, brilliantly
led, “evolved”
to studio in
Dae-In mMarket, then

switch from Honnam to
Busan and in-laws I’m sure
relieved you’d
dried out, might a right

proper woman of
their precious girl. It’s
a demanding place
and we went
it together at

what became
the most left-leaning journal
Gwangju will
see. Small differences,
semantics, really,

sometimes slowed
our otherwise equally
world view unsullied
by the nightly news.

Copyright 2013 J.Douglas Stuber

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