My Everyday Philosopher

written by Maria Lisak during the WriteNight Friday Meet up at Kunst Lounge, Gwangju, South Korea. March 29,2013.

Pic ripped from Dale’s Korean Temples Adventures.

drunken wonhyo

Whispy Wonhyo dancing drunkenly in the street

Drunk, he’s not.

Possessed, he is.

Moved to live the emptiness of the present moment

His machinations muster mystery

Uncloaked, shirtless

His erection tells us that he is man.

not monk.

Grandma chews on dried gogoma strips

Thinking that she never remembers this

Miscreant dance outside of the makeoli house walls.

Moved to wonder which shaman has slipped

the wandering monk a tonic of uninhibited lechery


Down the alley the walls leak

Dribbles from the sweat of the change of season

cold walls moisten from the hot steam of the clothes cauldron inside

Outside the wall still shaded from the warming summer sun

Music squeaks from the girl practicing her haegeum


Jun Beom pees in the corner

Wreaking from sex with the widow of NamKyung

He burps while holding himself

looping his stream around and around

the tiny rock lying forgotten in this corner of stench


A boy passes behind his back

scurrying so as not to be caught

and made to give his pocket money

to the town drunkard


Wonhyo laughs maniacally

Coughing as he can’t catch his breath

He squats, jumps, farts

Spinning around til he falls

Looking around at the peasants of Gwangju

Wondering why they look through him

Instead of at him.


One Response to “My Everyday Philosopher”
  1. dougstuber says:

    Are Write-Nights every Friday, and when do they start?

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