Three Old Poems, Copyright Doug Stuber


Ruth walks in


with universal ebb flow

but not herself, a

self-made trick.

Self-inflicted, but

not of her

doing, not embraced,

fought against, dealt with, screamed at,


Still, she sings,

this is the one sure

peace time, when all is right, when

everything works as

one, as Ruth.

Child-rearing is its

own reward,

but everything else

too, so, as soon as she could,

Ruth blossomed.

This box brought

us back together, for what?


recognition, or

a draw to move on?

In life you

do or don’t follow your heart.

Is once-a-

month coffee enough?

Yes it is, you fool.



Her heart, while sticking tongue out,

leads a sheltered life,

doesn’t drink, nor dance,

Norfolk, it’s in her dreams.

Shocked by lack of fidelity,

still pure, as she has never…

though the thought comes:

Now free, pretty and young.

Brother nudges open eyes,

Confucian box blown open.

Evident culture gap,

yet she jumps his way.

Cosmic bonding creates a further

life, tantric self-love springs to

relaxed life, freedom to be, to

elongate burdensome boundaries.

Will she head back to marry,

deny uncoiling life, to prove

obedience?  Dry flowers yield,

break mid-air as she walks.

One Love


Last night I left the Cutlass convertible running

In the cold outside a motel in Roanoke, Virginia.

It was a dream, so somehow the next morning

The proud red touring car was still running.

There was confusion: one car too many, one to

Give away, yet we ended up walking to the top

Of Buck Mountain. Tad, who visits my brain

Via songs, was clutching his chest, asking to walk

Slower, so we stopped. A master woodworker

Had carved stairs and banister out of Curly Maple,

Black Walnut and Oak. Tad and I, exhausted,

But happy, sat kicking pebbles, reminiscing about

Lacrosse games, various concerts and the incredible

Women we had known. Then U-2 came blaring

With their classic “One Love” and I woke up,

Quickly realizing that he managed to hug me

From heaven with a song. I scurry to the phone

To see if everyone who knew him is still OK.

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